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Future 2’s Trials of Osiris has obtained a whole overhaul in Season of the Misplaced. Its loot construction has been modified, matchmaking has seen some modifications, anti-cheat has been added, and the character of Trials Playing cards has been shifted.

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For sure, Trials is a a lot completely different beast than its Yr 3 counterpart—one that’s much more respectful of your time and talent stage. It is nonetheless the head PvP exercise that almost all Future veterans keep in mind, now with higher loot incentives and a extra forgiving reward construction. We’ll be going over what Trials of Osiris is, the way it works, and why just about each Future participant will need to dive into this playlist in Season 15.

Up to date October thirty first, 2021, by Charles Burgar: Bungie continues to change Trials of Osiris, tweaking all the pieces from core mechanics to the way in which matchmaking works. Trials lately noticed a slightly main overhaul to its matchmaking algorithm, eradicating the Flawless matchmaking pool altogether. Resulting from how ceaselessly Bungie has modified the matchmaking system for Trials, we have added a “matchmaking defined” part to this information that covers how Trials of Osiris pairs you with different gamers. That part additionally has an FAQ that covers some frequent questions and misconceptions about how Trials matchmaking works.

What Is Trials Of Osiris?

Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Logo

Trials of Osiris is a high-stakes variant of Crucible’s 3v3 Elimination sport sort that serves as Future 2’s pinnacle PvP exercise. Solely out there throughout weekends, Trials offers each participant the prospect to point out off their PvP abilities to acquire a few of Future’s most sought-after weapons and armor.

Gamers that compete within the Trials of Osiris may have all of their video games tracked by a Passage—a ticket bought from Saint-14. Profitable rounds and matches in Trials will grant unique weapons, armor, pinnacle gear, Masterwork supplies, and even Adept gear for essentially the most expert gamers. Each PvE and PvP gamers have one thing to achieve by collaborating in Trials every time it is energetic.

When Does Trials Of Osiris Begin And Finish?

Trials of Osiris begins each Friday at 1:00 PM (EST) and ends on Tuesday at 1:00 PM (EST). You will discover it within the Crucible tab in your Director.

Trials of Osiris will not run throughout the next:

  • The primary week of a brand new season.
  • The week a brand new raid releases.
  • Any week Iron Banner is energetic.

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Why Ought to I Play Trials Of Osiris?

Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Armor

by way of Bungie

Trials of Osiris noticed some main modifications in Season of the Misplaced, making this some of the rewarding actions in Future 2. Loses aren’t punishing anymore, rewards scale off spherical wins as a substitute of match wins, and the playlist now has matchmaking for solo and duo gamers.

The rewards you obtain from Trials of Osiris embrace:

  • Unique weapons

    • Flawless grants Adept variants (defined later)
  • Excessive-stat armor
  • Pinnacle gear rewards
  • Masterwork supplies

    • Consists of Ascendant Shards

These weapons are nothing to sneeze at both. A few of Future 2’s strongest weapons are tied to Trials of Osiris, together with The Messanger, Reed’s Remorse, Shayura’s Wrath, and Igneous Hammer. These weapons aren’t simply good for PvP, both. A few of these weapons are devastating in PvE with the suitable roll.

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For instance, The Messenger is the one non-sunset weapon in Future 2 that may acquire Desperado, a perk that will increase the weapon’s fireplace price tremendously upon reloading after a precision closing blow. It is some of the distinctive and hard-hitting Pulse Rifles you will discover at present, PvE or PvP. A lot of Trials’ weapons include distinctive perk mixtures or stats that you simply will not discover elsewhere, making them price chasing for gamers that do not usually care about PvP. You could find extra data about every gun in our Trials weapon tier list.

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Unlocking Trials Of Osiris

Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Combat

Trials of Osiris requires three issues earlier than you possibly can take part:

  1. Possession of the newest Future 2 enlargement

    1. As of writing, you will have to personal Past Mild to play Trials.
  2. Completion of the “Trials Entry” quest
  3. A Passage

    1. Bought from Saint-14 whereas Trials is energetic.
Observe: Enlargement possession doesn’t switch between platforms. Think about your platform of alternative rigorously earlier than shopping for any DLC to play Trials.

Trials Entry Quest

Destiny 2 Saint-14

You possibly can seize this quest from Saint-14 within the Tower. You will discover him beside his ship within the Hanger—the jap a part of the hub.

This quest has three steps:

  1. Attain Energy Stage 1,260
  2. Defeat 50 Guardians in Elimination
  3. Attain Crucible rank 15 (Mythic III)

The 1st step would require that you simply full weekly milestones in your Director to acquire highly effective and pinnacle gear. We cowl this in additional element in our Power leveling guide.

Step two is tied to Elimination, a PvP sport sort discovered within the Crucible tab within the Director.

Step three is tied to your Crucible rank. It is a development system tied to just about each PvP mode, excluding Survival. Enjoying matches will enhance your Crucible rank, wins and play streaks granting extra progress. We cowl this in additional element in our Crucible Valor and Glory guide.

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Trials Of Osiris Passages

Destiny 2 Passage of Ferocity

Passages are distinctive tickets offered by Saint-14 that observe your sport historical past in Trials of Osiris. As you play matches, your Passage will log what number of rounds and matches you’ve got received. Solely your first sport loss is accounted for to showcase you have not gone Flawless (defined within the subsequent part). Until you care about Adept gear, losses do not imply something in Trials; spherical wins are all you should obtain Trials Ranks and rewards from Saint-14.

Your Passage is account-bound, tracks as much as 20 rounds received, and grants extra loot as soon as you’ve got received seven video games with out resetting. You possibly can solely have one Passage at a time.

There are 4 sorts of Passages you should buy from Saint-14, a few of which have a win prerequisite earlier than they are often bought.

  1. Passage of Mercy: Forgives one loss per run.
  2. Passage of Ferocity: Your third match win grants a bonus win.
  3. Passage of Wealth (Requires 5 Match Wins): Elevated Trials Rank factors from reaching 3, 5, and seven match wins on a ticket.
  4. Passage of Confidence (Requires Flawless): Grants a bonus reward from the Flawless chest.

Passage Of Mercy

Destiny 2 Trials Passage of Mercy


  • 10,000 Glimmer
  • 15 Legendary Shards

Everytime you lose in Trials of Osiris, your Flawless tracker usually turns into invalidated, stopping you from visiting the Lighthouse after seven wins. With a Passage of Mercy, your first loss does not rely. Solely purchase this Passage in case you’re trying to go Flawless.

Passage Of Ferocity

Destiny 2 Trials Passage of Ferocity


  • 10,000 Glimmer
  • 15 Legendary Shards

That is arguably one of the best Passage for many gamers. You can attain seven wins in your Passage a lot quicker with Ferocity, permitting you to farm Trials Engrams and Masterwork supplies sooner. In case you do not care about Flawless however need to play a whole lot of Trials, that is the Passage for you.

Passage Of Wealth

Destiny 2 Trials Passage of Wealth


  • 5 Match Wins
  • 15,000 Glimmer
  • 25 Legendary Shards

Think about buying the Passage of Wealth as you attain the Fabled and Mythic ranks on your Trials Rank. Saint-14 offers a Trials Engram each subdivision rank, permitting you to focus them for particular weapons or armor. The payout of those Engrams turns into much less and fewer frequent as you rank up with Saint, one thing the Passage of Wealth considerably counteracts.

Passage of Confidence

Destiny 2 Trials Passage of Confidence


  • 7 Trials of Osiris wins
  • 20,000 Glimmer
  • 50 Legendary Shards

While you attain the Lighthouse, the Flawless chest will drop two gadgets as a substitute of only one. Since Adept weapons now drop for Flawless Passages previous seven wins, this Passage is arguably the worst within the sport. Solely run this if you need to earn the Flawless title.

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Enjoying Trials Of Osiris

Destiny 2 Trials Director Button

Trials of Osiris is a tweaked, extra aggressive tackle the Elimination sport sort. In case you want a fast refresher, Elimination is a 3v3 sport sort the place gamers solely have one life. Your staff must eradicate the enemy staff to win a spherical. Ought to an ally fall, you possibly can revive them by interacting with their Ghost. If the spherical time restrict expires, a seize level will spawn. Whoever captures it wins the spherical. If nobody captures it, the spherical ends in a tie. The primary to win 5 rounds wins the sport.

The inspiration of Trials is Elimination, though Bungie made some main modifications to the ammo economic system and timer to forestall stalemates and snowballing. This mode additionally offers Trials Repute as a substitute of Valor, permitting you to acquire Trials Engrams and different Trials-themed rewards from Saint-14 (defined within the subsequent part).

Notable Variations From Elimination

Listed below are essentially the most notable modifications between Trials of Osiris and Elimination:

  • Trials takes place on the identical map for each match.
  • Victory requires 5 spherical wins.
  • Every spherical lasts 90 seconds.
  • Particular and Heavy ammo doesn’t carry over between rounds.
  • Revive timers are prolonged every time somebody is revived.
  • Emotes are locked in first-person.
  • Swords can’t be geared up until you might have ammo.
  • Saint-14 is the announcer as a substitute of Shaxx.
  • Matches grant Trials Repute as a substitute of Valor.

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Going Flawless

Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Lighthouse Image

So what precisely is “Flawless?” Flawless is when a participant wins seven Trials video games on a Passage with no single loss. A participant that achieves a Flawless Passage will be capable of go to The Lighthouse, a singular hub space that has unique rewards. The chest at The Lighthouse grants Ascendant Shards, Adept weapon mods, an Adept variant of a Trials weapon, and high-stat Trials armor. The Adept weapon that drops is predetermined and rotates each week. First-time Flawless gamers will even obtain a collection of emblems that’ll change the glow of your Trials-themed armor.

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While you go Flawless, your Trials weapons and armor will emit a vivid colour to showcase your accomplishment to different gamers. If you wish to change the colour of this glow, merely change your emblem to a unique Trials-themed emblem. Your Trials glow will decay after two weeks, so remember to go on repeated Flawless makes an attempt to retain the glow. Take into account that solely gear obtained from the Trials of Osiris will emit a singular glow.

Every emblem grants the next glow:

  • Hardened By Trial/Any Non-Trials Emblem: Gold glow
  • Flawless Empyrean: Crimson glow
  • Mild For The Misplaced: Blue glow

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Trials Of Osiris Matchmaking Defined

Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Gear

Trials has had its matchmaking reworked a number of occasions in Season 15 alone, making it considerably complicated to grasp. In essence, Trials makes use of a win-based matchmaking system. Future will try to match your fireteam towards opposing groups with the identical variety of wins as you, no matter what number of losses or Flawless runs they’ve achieved. For instance, in case you’ve received three matches and enter queue, the sport will try to match you towards one other staff that has three wins. This win-based system resets when a brand new Trials event begins on the next weekend. Additional questions on Trials matchmaking are answered under.

Does Trials Of Osiris Have Ability-Based mostly Matchmaking?

No. This was confirmed by Bungie within the October 28, 2021 TWAB,

[Team matchmaking] is without doubt one of the downsides of not utilizing skill-based matchmaking in Trials: in conditions the place talent can be useful – to stability two groups of solo gamers – it isn’t even a knowledge level the system can have a look at.

The sport makes use of your weekend Trials wins as a degree of reference for matchmaking, not your ELO, KD, or different stats.

Does Trials Of Osiris Have A Flawless Matchmaking Pool?

Not anymore. This was eliminated on October 29, 2021. It is unknown if Bungie will ever reimplement this matchmaking system.

Does Trials Of Osiris Have A Freelance Playlist?

Sure, but it surely’s solely energetic throughout sure weekends. Trials launched a Freelance playlist as a Crucible Labs take a look at earlier in Season of the Misplaced, permitting solo gamers to matchmake collectively with out dealing with duos or trios. Bungie confirmed in a TWAB that Freelance will return periodically to assist hold the playlist wholesome. When the Freelance playlist will return is unknown.

Can I Play Trials With out A Fireteam?

Sure. Similar to some other Crucible playlist, you possibly can matchmake into Trials by your self, with a buddy, or with a full fireteam. The sport will fill your staff with different gamers within the matchmaking pool, as per ordinary.

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Trials Of Osiris And Saint-14 Rewards

We have talked about loot fairly a bit to this point, however we’ve not gone into the precise gadgets you possibly can anticipate from Trials of Osiris. This mode has 4 reward sources:

  1. Passages
  2. Pinnacle Weeklies
  3. Saint-14
  4. The Lighthouse

    1. Requires a Flawless Trials Passage

You will get most of your loot from Passages and Saint-14, though Trials matches can grant rewards once you attain sure win thresholds in your Passage. Your predominant reward from this mode is Trials Engrams. Similar to Umbral Engrams, you can focus these to ensure sure weapons and armor. Saint will even grant particular weapons and Masterwork supplies as you enhance your Trials Rank—a similar system to Crucible Valor.

Trials Engrams

Destiny 2 Igneous Hammer (Adept)

Trials Engrams work precisely the identical as Umbral Engrams. Enjoying Trials of Osiris will grant repute with Saint-14 that’ll finally grant a Trials Engram. You possibly can both decrypt the Engram as-is to acquire a random piece of Trials Gear or focus it. Decrypting Engrams as-is does have a knockout system, which means you will solely acquire Trials gear you have not earned but till you’ve got obtained each Trials merchandise within the loot pool.

Focusing a Trials Engram will restrict its loot pool to a single weapon or armor piece, chosen straight by you in Saint-14’s vendor menu. Focusing an Engram requires a Trials Engram, 20,000 Glimmer, and 100 Legendary Shards. The roll you get is random.

Destiny 2 Trials Adept Weapon Focusing Option

In case you go Flawless that week however do not get the roll you need on that week’s Adept weapon, you possibly can focus a Trials Engram to create that week’s Adept weapon. Creating an Adept weapon this manner prices a Trials Engram, 50,000 Glimmer, 250 Legendary Shards, and a seven-win Passage. You needed to have gone Flawless that week to see this selection, however the Passage itself does not should be Flawless to make use of this focusing choice. Focusing an Adept weapon removes your Passage.

This is each reward sort tied to those Engrams:

Reward Gear Sort Notes
Pyrrhic Ascent Helmet



Pyrrhic Ascent Gloves



Pyrrhic Ascent Chest



Pyrrhic Ascent Boots



Pyrrhic Ascent Class Merchandise



Eye of Sol


(Sniper Rifle)

  • Adaptive Body (90 RPM)
  • Kinetic
  • Can roll Tunnel Imaginative and prescient + Snapshot Sights
Igneous Hammer


(Hand Cannon)

  • Aggressive Body (120 RPM)
  • Photo voltaic
  • Greatest stat package deal on a 120 HC
The Messenger


(Pulse Rifle)

  • Excessive-Impression Body (340 RPM)
  • Kinetic
  • Can roll Desperado
Reed’s Remorse


(Linear Fusion Rifle)

  • Precision Body (533 Cost Time)
  • Stasis
  • Can roll Triple Faucet + Vorpal Weapon
  • May also roll Gravestone
Shayura’s Wrath



  • Precision Body (600 RPM)
  • Void
  • Can roll Tunnel Imaginative and prescient + Kill Clip
Sola’s Scar



  • Caster Body
  • Photo voltaic
  • Can roll Chain Response

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Passage Rewards And Trials Repute

Destiny 2 Trials Passage Example

Passages scale the quantity of repute you earn from a Trials sport. The extra spherical wins are in your card, the extra repute with Saint-14 you will earn. Saint is your predominant supply of Trials Engrams now, so it is vital to play Trials with as many wins in your card as potential.

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Past repute, holding a Passage with seven match wins will trigger all subsequent Trials video games to have an opportunity of granting Trials Engrams, Trials armor, and Masterwork supplies (together with Ascendant Shards) to drop upon match completion. This bonus is misplaced upon resetting your Passage.

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Flawless Passage Rewards (Farming Adept Weapons)

Destiny 2 Trials Flawless Passage

You probably have a Passage with seven wins that is Flawless, every win has a excessive likelihood of dropping that week’s Adept weapon. For instance, If Adept Shayura’s Wrath is that week’s Adept weapon, then profitable video games with a Flawless Passage gives you an opportunity of acquiring a randomly-rolled Adept Shayuras. Which means gamers with Flawless Passages ought to hold taking part in Trials; do not reset your card. As soon as your Passage achieves a loss, this profit goes away. Hardcore gamers ought to think about changing their seven-win Passage into an Adept weapon at Saint-14 as soon as they lose a sport.

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Pinnacle Weeklies

Destiny 2 Trials Director Button

In Season of the Misplaced, Trials of Osiris has two weeklies that can grant pinnacle gear:

  1. Win 7 matches whole in a single weekend.
  2. Win 50 rounds.

Every weekly grants a bit of Trials-themed pinnacle gear. 3/5/7 win weeklies have been eliminated as of Season 15.

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Saint-14 Rewards

Destiny 2 Saint 14 Rewards

Since Trials now has a repute system tied to it, now you can anticipate a reward observe for sticking to the playlist. Saint-14 serves because the Trials of Osiris vendor, and he offers out related rewards to different ritual distributors as you enhance your Trials rank. You possibly can anticipate Masterwork supplies and Trials-themed weapons for rising repute with Saint.

Observe: Saint’s reward observe weapons are randomly rolled each week. If the weapons he is giving have horrible perks, wait till subsequent weekend.

This is Saint-14’s reward observe as of Season of the Misplaced:

  • Each Rank: x1 Trials Engram
  • Each Division Rank-Up: x1 Highly effective Trials Engram
  • Rank 4: x2 Improve Module
  • Rank 7: x3 Enhancement Prism
  • Rank 10: Eye of Sol

    • Adaptive Sniper Rifle (Kinetic)
  • Rank 13: x2 Improve Module
  • Rank 16: Igneous Hammer

    • Aggressive Hand Cannon (Photo voltaic)
  • Rank 16 Accomplished: Ascendant Shard

    • This additionally resets your Trials Rank, permitting you to acquire extra rewards.

Similar to the opposite playlist distributors within the Tower, you possibly can reset your Trials Rank with Saint-14 after you attain the rank of Legend. Claiming all rewards from Saint will set your rank again to Guardian I and reveal a brand new reward observe. This is what you possibly can anticipate to earn after resetting your Trials Rank as soon as:

  • Rank 4: x2 Improve Module
  • Rank 7: x3 Enhancement Prism
  • Rank 10: The Messenger

    • Excessive-Impression Pulse Rifle (Kinetic)
  • Rank 13: x2 Improve Module
  • Rank 16: Sola’s Scar

  • Rank 16 Accomplished: Unique Engram

    • This additionally resets your Trials Rank, permitting you to acquire extra rewards.

In case you’re curious how lengthy it takes to rank up your Trials Rank, it is about the identical as leveling your Crucible Valor rank or some other ritual playlist rating. It makes use of the identical rating system as the opposite three ritual playlists.

Rank Trials Rank Requirement Rank-Up Requirement
Guardian I 0 50
Guardian II 50 75
Guardian III 125 125
Courageous I 250 250
Courageous II 500 450
Courageous III 950 600
Heroic I 1,550 375
Heroic II 1,925 600
Heroic III 2,525 825
Fabled I 3,350 525
Fabled II 3,875 775
Fabled III 4,650 1,050
Mythic I 5,700 750
Mythic II 6,450 1,075
Mythic III 7,525 1,475
Legend 9,000 1,000


(Max Rank)

10,000 N/A; reset is offered

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The Lighthouse

Destiny 2 Lighthouse Chest

In case you are able to going Flawless in Trials of Osiris, you can entry The Lighthouse and its related spoils. The chest on this space will drop the next:

  • x1 Ascendant Shard

    • Enhancement Prisms on subsequent Flawless completions that week
  • x1 Adept Trials weapon

    • First Flawless clear counts this as a pinnacle reward
    • First Flawless clear at all times drops an Adept weapon
    • The Adept weapon is predetermined and rotates weekly

      • Subsequent Adept weapon drops might be of that week’s chosen Adept.
  • x1 Adept mod

    • Provided that you do not personal all of them
    • Solely drops in your first Flawless clear that week

      • This appears unintentional. Maintain a watch out for any Trials-related hotfixes.
  • Beauty rewards

    • (First Clear) Emblems that change your Flawless glow on gadgets

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