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    Sara Walsh opens up about ‘divorce’ tweets on Good Morning Football after her husband gave away Aaron Judge’s home run ball

    SARA WALSH explained what she meant in her viral “divorce” tweets last week. The host…
    3 mins ago

    All songs from the movie

    Mr. Harrigan’s phone. Jaeden Martell as Craig in Mr. Harrigan’s phone. Kr. Nicole Rivelli/Netflix ©…
    4 mins ago

    Russian troops ordered to withdraw as Ukrainian tanks come within range of Kherson & Zelensky, swear ‘we won’t stop’

    RUSSIAN troops have been ordered to withdraw while Ukraine’s southern tanks attack their positions –…
    32 mins ago

    Graham Potter was hilariously derided as Harry Potter by Italian media as they revealed three spells to stop Chelsea

    AN ITALIAN newspaper has hilariously mocked Graham Potter as Harry Potter as they revealed three…


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