Maybe you used your toaster wrong – 13 most common mistakes

YOU can eat toast for breakfast every day or just on occasion, but the way you prepare it may be wrong.

We’ve rounded up 13 common toaster mistakes you’re likely to make, and some are more dangerous than others.

Bad baking practice can lead to fire


Bad baking practice can lead to fireCredit: Getty

Do not empty the crumb tray

A lot of people forget to do this or don’t even realize their toaster has a crumb tray.

The small removable tray should be somewhere on the bottom of your toaster and catch the crumbs falling from your toast.

It is important to clean it regularly so that it is not overloaded with debris.

Too much debris near the toaster heating element can lead to a fire.

Difficulty understanding numbers

The numbers on the toaster dial can have different meanings depending on the brand of your toaster.

According to a Tom Scott’s YouTube Video, the numbers on more expensive toasters often correlate with minutes.

However, some toaster dials only specify how much electricity passes through a switch to result in light or heavy toasting.

Do not try a fresh install

You may not get the most out of your toaster unless you experiment with the settings.

Different breads may also require different settings depending on your thickness and personal preference.

Bring the bagels back

If your toaster has a bagel setting, you should stack the bagels with the slices facing in.

The wires in the center of your toaster will get hotter, which means the outside of the bagel may be tougher but the inside may turn a nice brown color.

Forgot the lever

Most toaster levers that you press down to turn on the toaster will also rise an inch higher to make it easier to get the bread out.

You should try to lift the lever higher before panicking about the toast getting stuck.

Don’t put the knife in the toaster

When a piece of toast is stuck, you can use a knife or other metal object to remove it.

You should not put metal in the kettle or plug it into the toaster as it may result in electric shock.

If your toast gets stuck, unplug the toaster, make sure the toaster is no longer hot, and then use something like a wooden spoon to cool it off.

Toast toast

If you are toasting a lot of bread continuously, you need to take into account the fact that the toaster will still be hot after the first round.

If you don’t lower your toaster settings to adjust for this, you’ll notice all subsequent batches of toast are a little crispier than the others.

Not cleaning your toaster

Some appliance experts suggest that your toaster needs to be cleaned quite often.

That’s because the crumb tray may not catch every single piece of lost bread.

Unplug the toaster before cleaning and use a cloth or cleaning brush.

Making grilled cheese

Putting cheese in the toaster is not a good idea as it can cause a mess and a fire hazard.

If cheese drips onto the heating element or the power cord of your toaster, this can be very dangerous.


Do not put bagels or very thick slices of bread in the toaster until you have chopped them up.

Overloading your toaster can lead to uneven cooking and excess crumbs.

Grilled on the side

The toaster must not be used while lying on its side.

This can lead to uneven baking and also a fire hazard.

Unplug forcefully

This tip can be applied to a lot of different appliances.

When you unplug the toaster to troubleshoot, hold on to the base of the cord so that any electrical faults, such as broken cords, can be avoided.

You are using the toaster the wrong way

Not all toasters are created equal.

If you are having major problems with your toaster, you may find yourself wanting to invest in one with a larger slot, or you may even prefer a toaster oven to a conventional toaster oven.

Toaster ovens will allow you to make grilled cheese, pizza bagels, and lots of other baked goods without the safety hazards of doing so in a regular toaster.

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