Major Reasons to Move from iOS to Android

There are many different stereotypes about iOS and Android, but it’s clearly not worth looking back at them when buying the next gadget. It is necessary to rely on objective and indisputable truths that have remained unchanged for many years. We are talking about technical features and the possibilities of choice. If you are planning to buy an Apple smartphone, you should know that there are at least five reasons why you should choose an Android device instead of an iPhone.


iPhones have always been associated with expensive prices because Apple simply does not release mid-range devices, let alone budget ones. Even the so-called simplified iPhone 5C, introduced back in 2013, could not be classified as an affordable solution. That is why many users are seriously thinking about switching from iPhones to gadgets running Android.

One can argue for a long time about the advantages or disadvantages of the Google platform, but one way or another, the fact that Android allows users to save money will remain unchanged. It’s not just about the price of the smartphone itself, it’s about reducing the overall cost of accessories, repairs, and even mobile applications. In the case of an Android smartphone, all this will cost much less.

Online Games

Whether we are talking about gambling or online games, Android has broad possibilities. If you are an avid gambler and want to play live blackjack in Canada with Android you will have more opportunities and even download the app directly on your smartphone.

Variety of Devices

A large selection of Android smartphones is an equally important detail. After all, many of us, changing a smartphone, want to get something really new, which will be perceived in a completely different way. iPhone from year to year can inherit the old design, and the operating system visually changes little. In such continuity, of course, there are pluses, but the minuses are much more obvious. In this regard, the Google platform has stepped far ahead, because its mobile OS is available to various manufacturers, each of which brings something different to Android.

Dozens of different models come out every year, among which there is a solution for almost every taste.

microSD Card Support

None of the iPhones has a memory card slot – this is another technical aspect that can become critical for many buyers. Of course, built-in storage devices have long made it possible to completely abandon the microSD slot, but it should be understood that a large amount of built-in memory greatly affects the price of the device. 

In the case of Android smartphones, it is much more profitable to buy the basic version of a smartphone, that is, the most affordable one, and increase the amount of data storage by purchasing a memory card separately

Extensive Customization Options

Speaking about the features of the iPhone operating system, one cannot fail to note the extremely meagre customization options. iOS is closed to third-party developers, and Apple itself is in no hurry to provide users with the opportunity to radically change the interface. For Android, the possibility of external customization is fundamental. Regardless of the smartphone manufacturer, you can install third-party launchers and icons to transform a boring interface. This is not to mention the banal themes that allow you to vary the colour schemes and widgets that can be placed on any desktop.

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