Sex Toys Guide for Solo Explorers and Curious Couples

Do you like to experiment in the bedroom? Looking to try out new things to spice up your sex life? Well then, you’re in for a real doozy once you enter the world of sex toys. They’re one of those things that you never knew you needed until you’ve actually tried them. And once you do, you can’t fathom how you managed to live without them before. Not only do they give you the opportunity to explore your sexual fantasies, but they can also elevate enjoyment levels and result in mind-blowing orgasms.

Given the booming nature of the sex industry, there’s no shortage of options for you to choose from. Each sex toy is designed for a specific purpose, and it’s up to you to decide which ones you like best. So, if you’re willing to use sex toys for adult pleasure, keep reading to find out more about this addition to your bedroom endeavours.

How Do You Introduce Toys in Bed?

This is a question that a lot of couples inherently struggle with. Despite the exciting benefits of using sex toys with your partner, you may still feel a bit apprehensive or reluctant about how your significant other may react to the proposal. Will they be ecstatic and ready to go? Or will they get defensive and feel like they’re not enough?

The best thing for you to do is to thoroughly talk things through when both of you are in the right mind – i.e. when the emotions aren’t too high and you’re able to make a rational decision. In this way, both of you will have the chance to express your boundaries and what feels comfortable to you so that you can find a mutual agreement on how to move forward.

And remember, the sole purpose of sex toys is to enhance the pleasurable sensations and make sex more enjoyable for both of you, so make sure you actively listen to your partner’s needs. What works for you, may not work for someone else and vice versa. Don’t be afraid to ask questions either – get curious about each other’s preferences and address any misinformation the other party may have heard before.  

For solo fun sessions, make sure you try out different sex toys until you find something that works best. This will help you get in touch with your body, giving you the opportunity to get to know every curve and crevice, which will ultimately make sex more fun and enjoyable in every aspect.

Which Sex Toys Are Most Popular?

And not it’s time to get into the juicy stuff. While there toys for adult pleasure may still be a bit of a taboo even in today’s society, that’s not stopping sex-positive individuals from exploring their fantasies. Here’s just a quick taste of what you can expect from these helpful devices:


Your bedroom is certainly not complete without the buzzing sound of a vibrator. This is perhaps the most common sex toy in circulation, with many individuals choosing the device as their go-to product.

Over the years, vibrators have evolved into many different forms, and today the term is an overarching label for any vibrating or pulsating device that’s designed to induce pleasure by stimulating your erogenous zones. If you want to get into specifics, you’ll come across two broad categories of vibrators – internal and external.

External models use pulsating vibrations to stimulate the clitoris and vulva, while internal vibrators are focused on vaginal stimulation and target the G-spot. If you can’t decide on one or the other, don’t worry, you can find devices that are a combination of both features – a vibrating vaginal shaft coupled with external ears. Seeing as a whopping 75% of women are unable to achieve the big O through penetration alone, having the ability to stimulate both areas in one go is definitely a bonus.


If vibrations don’t really do the trick for you, then you should try the non-vibrating alternative – dildos. They can be used for both vaginal and anal stimulation, with many of them closely resembling an actual penis.

Dildos come in a range of shapes and sizes, from smooth to textured surfaces, rigid or somewhat softer materials, along with a range of other specifications. Take your time to browse through all the models so that you can make an informed decision on what suits your needs the most.

Male Strokers

While most sex-positive publicity is centred on female toys, there’s still a bit of stigma surrounding male-oriented masturbation and pleasure. While male strokers aren’t as popular as vibrators or dildos, they’re just as enjoyable and easy to use.

Generally speaking, strokers is an umbrella term used for any vagina-shaped toys that can be used for penetration. Some models have a suction feature, allowing the device to thrust on its own and giving you electric back and forth motion with every pulse.

You can easily adjust the speed and intensity to match your preferences, resulting in a different sexual experience each time. Some strokers even feature moaning sounds, with the option to choose between different female voices. Ultimately, all of these specifications lead to an all-around favourable experience, with adequate stimulation to all of your senses.

Penis Ring

This ring-shaped sex toy is worn around the base of the penis and/or scrotum to make erections firmer and long-lasting. When a penis becomes erect, the brain automatically sends messages to the nervous system, causing the arteries to become loose and letting the blood flow into the penis.

Wearing a penis ring applies additional pressure to the area by trapping the blood in the arteries for longer periods of time. This results in harder and longer erections, which in turn makes the sexual experience last longer. Some models have one or two vibrating devices, which can only increase the level of enjoyment.

Just make sure the ring is a good fit for your size. Don’t try it on a flaccid penis because it may be too tight when it becomes erect. And finally, don’t forget to use lube so that it slides on easily, without causing irritation or bruising.

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