Please Take One: 5 Products that Make Excellent Promotional Materials

A logo is an identifying feature of a business that helps its target audience differentiate it from other businesses. It’s the face of your company condensed into a simple picture, icon, acronym, word, or any combination of the above, and as a new business owner, it’s in your best interest to place your logo on as many things as possible— no matter what type of company you are.

There’s no doubt that your logo belongs on your business cards, storefront, and company vehicle(s), if applicable, and it also needs to be seen in the digital world: on your business website and social media pages. Here are some more items where you can place your logo for maximum impact.

#1: Apparel

Just about every kind of business can benefit from placing their logo on a promotional T-shirt, given away as a gift with purchase or simply allowing them to shop for these items alone. Promotional apparel works best for lifestyle brands, which includes a variety of industries, but can also be great promotional items for service industries as well.

Other apparel items to place your logo on include hats, hoodies and jackets, scarves, and of course, your employee uniforms.

#2: Accessories

You don’t have to be a fashion brand to benefit from having your logo on accessories. In fact, many of these accessories are everyday items that millions of people use all the time. Think about putting your logo on duffle bags and tote bags, keychains, lunch bags, and umbrellas. Again, this is a great idea if you’re a lifestyle brand and it also works well for companies in the service industry. Accessories make great promotional items that your most loyal customers would love to get their hands on as a free gift or gift with purchase.

#3: Home Items

Stamping your logo on home items and promoting them along with your usual products or services is another great way to increase brand awareness. Things as simple as bookmarks, fans, throw blankets, refrigerator magnets, journals, stationery, and pet accessories are unique promotional items that can bear your logo.

If you sell products that relate to can be used for cooking,  such as useful kitchenware, you could also have aprons specially made with your logo. Every company can find some type of promotional item that makes sense to their industry.

#4: Car Items

Most people drive cars and use accessories or tools that relate to a car. These can be great promotional items to give away/sell alongside your normal products/services. Have your logo made into bumper stickers and other car art, or even license plate frame and sun visor clips.

You can even put your logo on car sunscreens and ice scrapers since these are items that are necessary for a lot of car drivers. If your promotional items serve an intended purpose, your customers are more likely to want to get their hands on them.

#5: Electronic Accessories

We live in a digital world, so it’s very likely that your customers will have at least one electronic device. In fact, if they shop on your website,  you already know that they probably have a computer/laptop and/or a smartphone/tablet.

All types of companies can benefit from placing their logo on mousepads, laptop covers/cases, cell phone cases, and tablet cases. You can also put your logo on USB flash drives, stylus pens, and screen cleaners; basically any type of electronic accessory will be great!

Finally, put your logo on things that make sense to your company. If you’re in the sports/activewear industry, you can sell promotional water bottles and towels alongside your normal products.

If you feel like the type of business you have won’t benefit from promotional items, maybe try having a “field day” with your staff and invite your customers/clients to participate in the fun. That way you can give away T-shirts, caps, and other fun items to increase your brand awareness.

Huynh Nguyen

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