I’m a real estate agent – if a place you look at all the time smells ‘clean’ and like bleach, that’s really bad news

Real estate agent AN has revealed a HORRIFIC incident that gets her under suspicion whenever she smells bleach in a home that’s up for sale.

The woman from the US said she just assumed the owner was cleaning when she viewed the house and that’s why she could smell bleach, but the reality was much worse.

The woman warned potential buyers


The woman warned potential buyers

Posting on her TikTok platform, the woman says she first noticed the smell when bringing potential buyers to her home.

Post in domain @capecchiandco “I showed the buyer this home they wanted to see, and we knew the seller would be there because she wouldn’t leave the house,” she said.

“It’s not usually the norm, but honestly, it’s her home and she can decide what she wants. So we get there and she’s like ‘come in’. ” We opened the door and it was really dark inside, the smell of smoke was coming up, but there was a strong smell of chlorine on it,” she added.

Real estate agents and potential buyers just assume that the owner wants to clear something up and continue touring the home.

“We went to her garage, and she had all her pets in her car in the garage, and there were quite a few of them because you could hear them,” she said.


Added: “So we got the house under contract and during the inspection, quite a few things came out. We had a long time trying to negotiate with her (landlord) She is really hard to work with.

The real estate agent said she had reached the end and every time she visited the home with buyers there was the same strong chlorine smell.

“You’re like what she’s trying to cover up here, but you also don’t know what you don’t know. Anyway, it’s over and my clients are thrilled. They got there on the first day, willing to do anything, she said.

Extra: “They’re starting to pull up some floors, you might want to get hung up on this one.”

Real estate agents said when the couple pulled up the floors, they realized they were filled with the urine of previous owners’ pets.

“The sub-floors were so full of animal urine that they almost started throwing up,” she said. “They had to throw out, not just all the floors, the sub floors, all the decorations, it was is INSULTED”.

Extra: “It sucks, and they called me right away and they said, ‘Well, we finally figured out why there was such a strong smell of bleach. “She’s masking the smell of pet urine.”

The post was viewed over 128k times and TikTok users were quick to comment.

“You had a bad test,” one person commented.

Another added: “This is why I just want to buy new.”

“There was a plane flying around that house with a big red flag,” a third commented.

The real estate agent was appalled


The real estate agent was appalled

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In other news…I moved cities because my ex-husband had NINE children behind him. I’m a real estate agent – if a place you look at all the time smells ‘clean’ and like bleach, that’s really bad news


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