Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel . Secret Pack Guide

Patterns are one of the most important aspects of Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel. Each Floor structure is built around one, and by building your deck around a specific group of monsters, you can get it from a pile of cards thrown together into a greased and dark duel machine. optimization.

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To support that, Master Duel has Secret Packs. Limited time booster packs tailored for your favorite archetypes, a big part of the game revolves around finding and unlocking these packs. Here’s everything you need to know about Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel’s Secret Pack.

Updated February 1, 2022: If you need more visual assistance when it comes to getting the Secret Pack in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel, we’ve added a video tutorial to further illustrate our points!

What is a secret package?

Booster Pack

Secret Packs are booster packs, like the regular Master Packs or Choice Packs that you can buy through the store.

However, the Secret Packs differ in several important points. First, it all boils down to another archetype. If you need more cards for your Inzektor deck, the Insect Metamorphosis Secret Pack will give you a lot of what you need. Likewise, Toontastic is full of stuff for the ever-popular Toon archetypes, like Toon Kingdom, Toon Black Luster Soldier and Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon.

Each pack costs 100 gems (which you can get a lot through Duel Pass), and includes eight cards. Four of them will be guaranteed to be ‘feature cards’ that directly match the prototype, while the other four can be anything.

The catch is that the Secret Packages are hard to find. Not only do you have to unlock it, but it’s only available for 24 hours when you do. During those 24 hours, you can buy as much as you want, but after that time runs out, you’ll have to re-explore to find more. Luckily, finding the Secret Packs is pretty easy, and there are ways to extend the countdown if you need more time to find some gems.

Find the secret package

New card pack

There are two ways to find the Secret Pack.

The first is to simply open any kind of booster pack. Each SR (Super Rare) or UR (Ultra Rare) card you pull unlocks a Secret Pack that is a “featured card”. For example, if you open a regular booster pack and find a Naturia Landoise, you’ll unlock Denizens of the Sacred Tree Grove, a Naturia-themed Secret Pack.

The second way to unlock a pack is crafting SR or UR . cards via deck builder. When you do, you’ll unlock its associated Secret Pack, or potentially even be given a free pack to open.

Crucially, doing either of these will also reset that Secret Pack’s timer back to 24 hours.

Secret package list

Secret package list

Packages are rated in three main areas: strength, technique and “Hold position”. Strength has to do with how strong and heavy a deck is, while technique is about how complex the deck is to handle (how beginner-friendly IE is). Hold the Line is an odd rating, as no one is entirely sure what it means yet. Konami hasn’t confirmed the rating yet, but it seems to be related to the defenses of the cards.

This is a non-exhaustive list that will be updated as new packages are discovered.

Package name Power Skill Hold on
Destiny’s Sorceress 3 3 3
Sword of the Seventh One 4 2 2
Insect metamorphosis 5 2 4
The enchanting theme of the shade 4 4 3
Recall the number 4 4 3
Three-Strike Success 5 3 4
Traditions of tricks 4 3 3
Athletes compete 3 3 3
Souls of the sublime gods 4 4 4
Champion of Hope 5 3 3
Cyclone Nebula 5 4 3
Plant and ocean essence 3 3 4
Galactic War 5 4 3
Valiant Gladiator Beasts 4 4 3
Gods of the Abyss and Arcadia 4 4 3
The first heroes 4 4 3
Soar on the darkest wings 4 3 4
Indomitable Knights 4 4 4
Invulnerable Iron Wings 5 4 3
Bujin’s Vault of Heaven 4 4 4
Unite warriors! 4 3 3
No spasticity 3 4 3
Rapid aircraft development 5 3 4
Secret fighter 4 4 4
Person who transcends space-time 4 4 3
The Infinite Void 5 4 4
Immortal royalties 4 4 4
Dragon Light 4 4 4
Dozens of sacred forests 2 4 2
Flames of this world and the next 5 3 3
Supernatural elements 5 3 3
Cosmic mechanical entities 4 3 4
Witch Seeker 4 4 4
Shot Through Fiction 5 4 4
Ice mark 3 4 4
Primordial Rise 5 3 3
Dreadnought Advance 5 2 2
Immovable Samurai 5 3 3
Beloved Doll 4 4 4
Delicate glossy black rose 4 3 3
Neo Space Comrades 4 3 2
Star-Studded Futures 5 4 4
The Darkness Amuses 4 3 3
The Rule of the Great Shogun 4 4 4
Advanced Warrior 4 3 3
Shifting Gears 3 2 4
Pyroxene is removed 4 4 4
Wonderful season of hope 4 4 2
Panic prank! 4 3 3
The Ritual of Mirrorworld 4 4 4
Timeworn Heritage 3 3 3
Vitality Control System 5 3 3
Colossal Mech 5 3 3
Guided by Noble Blade 4 4 4
Art angel 3 3 3
Monster Overdrive 5 4 2
The world is shrouded in magical power 5 3 2
Thirst for the evil body 3 4 3
Knowledge of Myths 4 4 3

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