YouTuber teases new paint jobs coming in next-gen GTA 5 upgrade

It looks like Rockstar may have missed out on a new feature in its most recent update.

GTA 5 Colored Cars

GTA 5The original next generation upgrade is expected in November but since then postponed to next March. It comes with what you’d expect from a next-gen enhancement, including 4K graphics at 60fps, “seamless character switching,” and other as-yet-unknown enhancements. At least one of them seems to have slipped in the most recent update.

Several new car paint jobs have been discovered in GTA 5 files and can be accessed via a mod. GTA 5 YouTuber MrBossFTW recently posted a video (via DualShockers) showcasing all 16 new Chameleon Paint Job colors that can be accessed in the mod.

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The color is basically a multi-tone lelescent paint that can change depending on the viewing angle. Each one costs GTA$1,200, though that could change as the “extended and enhanced” version releases. More than 16 colors are also possible.

to access the new Chameleon colors install the mod and then go to Los Santos Customs. Then go to paint your car and select “Chrome”. Each of the 16 colors is described below.

  • Monochrome – Dark chromium to metallic gray.

  • Chromatic Aberration – Bright neon pink to blue.

  • Night & Day – Bright yellow, dark blue transitions.

  • The Verlierer – Converts pink, purple, blue.

  • Sprunk Extreme – Neon green to yellow.

  • Vice City – Same as Verlierer, but brighter

  • Sunset – Yellow-orange to deep purple

  • Temperature – Toggle dark red, orange, yellow, and cyan.

  • Synthwave Nights – Toggle yellow, pink and purple.

  • Four Seasons – Toggle orange, yellow, green, cyan.

  • The Seven – Similar to an oil slick.

  • Maisonette 9 Throwback – Toggle cyan, pink, orange, yellow.

  • Bubblegum – Turn pastel pink, cyan, white.

  • Full Rainbow – As the name implies, full color spectrum.

  • Kamen Rider – Converts blue, pink, purple, dark chestnut colors.

  • It’s Christmas! – Turn red and green.

There is still no word on when exactly in March GTA 5 Extended and Enhanced will arrive, but hopefully it will be a bit smoother than GTA Trilogy.

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