You’re using the wrong iPhone keyboard – here are six clever tricks to speed up your texting

IF you are an iPhone user who wants to improve your texting speed then you need to try some of the following tricks.

We’ve rounded up some of the best iPhone keyboard features you’ve probably never heard of.

Try iPhone's'swipe to type' messaging feature


Try iPhone’s ‘swipe to type’ messaging feature

Follow the ‘QuickPath’

Apple’s ‘swipe to text’ feature has been available since the launch of iOS 13.

However, many people still don’t realize it exists.

Dubbed QuickPath, the tool lets you swipe between letters instead of tapping them to turn you into a writing machine.

To use it, make sure you’re using iOS 13 or later, then simply go to the Messages app and start swiping between the letters on the keyboard.

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Make sure you’re using Apple’s default keyboard instead of a third-party keyboard you downloaded yourself.

When you start typing a word, rest your finger on the keyboard and swipe between the letters.

So if you were typing “Sun”, you would place your finger on “S”, then slide to “U” and finally “N” without removing your finger.

Once you’ve finished the word, lift your digit and iOS will automatically add a space so you can start typing the next word.

For words with two consecutive letters, such as “happy”, you don’t need to swipe to the letter “P” twice.

Just move from “P” to “Y” and the keyboard will detect you want to add a letter.

Enter symbols with

If you’re trying to write a fancy foreign word like voilà or El Niño – or even Pokémon – you’ll need accented letters.

It’s easy: just press and hold the character you want to stress.

You’ll see a shortcut menu appear, from where you can tap the accented letter of your choice.

Unlock the back end of the site

If you’re trying to enter a web link, it might be annoying to hit .org or .edu.

A better solution is to long press the entire breakpoint, this will bring up shortcuts for many popular web page backends.

This will make it easier to quickly write a website address.

Add punctuation faster

Exploiting all stops may not seem like a burden, but it does slow you down.

That’s why Apple has integrated a cheeky keyboard shortcut into iOS to make ending sentences easier.

If you tap the spacebar twice after a word, the first space will turn into a full space.

That way, you can keep typing using only the letters and spacebar without ever having to bring your hand down to stop completely.

One-handed keyboard

If you want to type with one hand on iPhone, you need to

One-handed keyboards may have been hidden in your phone for a while, and they’re easy to access on any app you want to type in.

First you need to go to the app you want to type in and make sure the keyboard is open.

Then look in the bottom left corner and touch and hold the emoji face or the world icon – newer phones will have the emoji face.

When you hold the emoji or world icon down, a little box “Keyboard settings” will appear, and in the bottom row you’ll see three different keyboard icons.

Tap the icon on the left for a keyboard that’s easier to type with just your left hand.

Tap the icon on the right for a keyboard that’s easier to type with just your right hand.

Once you’re done using the one-handed keyboard, you can return it to normal by long-pressing the emoji in the bottom corner or the world icon and selecting the middle keyboard option.

Hidden touchpad

Edit your above message Iphone much harder than any right – but this easy trick turns your phone’s keyboard into a laptop-style trackpad with a pointer that you can move by tapping the screen.

With it, you will be able to precisely go back and forth between each character in the text without having to press hard on the screen.

Just hold down the spacebar once you’ve entered some text and the keyboard will turn into a track-pad.

You can then use this virtual track-pad to move your cursor much easier.

If you own an iPhone 6S or later, you can also use it 3D Touch – which is Apple’s nickname when pressing hard on the screen.

Firmly 3D Touch anywhere on the keyboard and you’ll unlock the same hidden trackpad.

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