You used your washing machine the wrong way – and it could add more than $110 to your bill

WASHING is an unavoidable household chore – but you may not be aware of common mistakes that can add hundreds of times to your bills.

Here are four washing machine hacks that can save you money.

Common Laundry Mistakes That Can Add Hundreds of Your Bills


Common Laundry Mistakes That Can Add Hundreds of Your BillsCredit: Getty

Wash with cold water

The first thing you can do to save money on electricity is wash your clothes in cold water.

When doing laundry, about 90% of the total energy consumed is normally used to heat the water.

If you wash your clothes in warm water, you’ll use an average of 4.5 kWh per load, according to CS . screen.

Assuming you pay $0.15 per kWh, simply heating the water will cost you $0.68 per load.

By switching to cold water, you’ll reduce pressure on the grid, protect your clothes from shrinkage, and save money.

With cold water, you’ll only use an average of 0.3 kWh per load, according to the website.

In turn, this will cost you just $0.04 per load.

Of course, keep in mind that cold water may not be as effective on dirty clothes.

In that case, you can choose to lower the temperature to still save money.

Consumer Reports note that washing clothes in cold water can save you $60 a year.

Use high speed or extended spin cycle

Another option to save cash on your bill is to use high speeds or extended spin cycles.

This will help remove as much moisture as possible before drying, as well as reduce drying time and wear on your clothes due to the high heat of the dryer.

Use eco settings

Third, try using the eco setting on your washing machine, if you have one.

Eco mode is a setting that uses less water to wash your clothes while still achieving a satisfactory soil removal threshold.

However, you should only use this setting under light loads.

If you use this setting with a heavier load, you will most likely have to wash your clothes twice.

Full load washing

Finally, the last thing you can do to save energy is wash your clothes full.

This not only saves you money, but also saves you time.

Based on ClearlyThe average cost of a home wash ranges from $0.24 to $1.08 in the United States.

That means your annual savings for doing one full load instead of two half loads per week would be $12.48 to $56.16.

Buying a highly effective cleaner can also help you take advantage of the savings

The Sun also explained how low-income families can get up to $1,000 to help with energy bills and internet bill.

Plus, more than that Ways to cut your broadband bill.

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