Yellowstone Synopsis: Season 4, Episode 9 – Heartbreak Ahead

Never in a million years have we seen this happen. In the Sunday episode of Yellowstone, Penultimate of Season 4, John told Beth the most hurtful word a parent can throw at their child: He’s not as mad at her as he is – no! – disappointed in her. And it only got more painful from there. Read on and we won’t just discuss how, we’ll cover all the highlights of “No such thing is fair”.

‘FAIR MEANS ONE SIDE HAS EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT IN A WAY THAT THE OTHER CANNOT COMPLAIN ABOUT’ | As the hour began, Beth was dying with Rip for not stopping her father from risking his life in a gunfight. Why is she worried about John and not her fiancé? “Honey, I never worried about you,” she told him. “I know nothing will happen to you.” Oh, but it is, he insisted. One day, “it happens to all of us.” (Please don’t let that be a harbinger.) Later, after John returned home from teaching Carter to ride 101, Beth threw a coffee mug at her father. She lied that he put his ass in the line for a bunch of strangers when he did nothing to make Jamie pay for scaring her for life. Jamie was not behind the attacks, John said. Riggins ordered them to send a message to rival gang members that he was not weak. Because the Duttons survived, Riggins to be considered weak and therefore as good as dead. (Am I the only one who feels like we skipped the beat that at least John would request What did Jamie learn during the Riggins interrogation?) What does Beth want John to do, waste her life on something like Riggins? “No, Dad,” she replied, “that’s what mine life is for. Right after she stormed out, John got a call from Summer: DA is trying to send her to the river for life!

To prepare for the prison, John had a meeting with interim (and soon to be permanent) sheriff Bill Ramsey, who dismissed the notion that Haskell left large boots to fill. He is “a gambler and alcoholic who only serves the highest bidder,” his successor noted, adding that “things will be different for me to be in charge.” New rule? John asked. “Still the same old rules,” answered Bill, “but now they will be enforced.” Sitting in Summer’s meeting with her public defender, John is sympathetic on the one hand (he knows she’s not a criminal) and on the other, not at all (he even calls her “the young lady”) ). Depressed, Summer sighed, “I should never have listened to your daughter.” Come again? “It’s not mine Summer explained. With that, John promises to free her from this mess. He knows the judge, and better yet, the judge owes him a favor. Meanwhile, at Jamie’s, he was excited when he saw media coverage of the cafeteria shootout. “Now he’s the top hero f-king of everything else!” Christina still believes her baby can be governor. Their next step, she says, will be to introduce the world to their biological father. Um, but he served 30 years for the murder of his biological mother, Jamie said. “And now you’re just telling me this?” Christina asked. Okay, new plan: Jamie will have to separate herself from Garrett as of yesterday. Even the old see the wisdom in the concept. He’s glad Jamie doesn’t want him to go but notes that sometimes the things we want are the worst things for us.

Yellowstone season 4 episode 9 recap John tells Beth to move out‘DOLL IS YOUR DIVINE ANIMAL’ | While all that was going on, Kayce consulted with Rainwater and Mo to try to figure out why, if humans and wolves are supposed to destroy each other, one seems to be protect him. Ask it, Mo said. “Crying for a perspective.” Although Kayce wasn’t sure he believed in the ritual harassment that would require him to go four days without food, water or, obviously, pants, he was willing to give it a try. If he’s wounded with a foot in the grave, that’s fine. “You have to stand on the precipice of death to understand your purpose in life,” Mo explains. “It’s the only place where you can see it.” Afterwards, he and Rainwater left Kayce alone in the middle of nowhere. Hey, “how will you know when I’m done?” he called after them. “How will friend You know what?” Rain replied, “Helpful.” Back in town, John ran into Garrett at a diner and warned Jamie’s biodad, “If your plan is to get me back for what you’ve done with myself, I’ll knock your f-king out of the world.” Oh, and definitely try the Salisbury steak, it’s amazing, and “you never know which meal will be your last. In Texas, Jimmy and Emily were faced with the fact that he was going to be away for a week. When she joked that missing her was a serious condition, one of the side effects was “extreme” groin discomfort,” he laughs, “So loving you is like a venereal disease.” Oh, he used the L word. Yes, both were spanked, they admitted. And just So quickly, Emily asked her how she was different from Mia.Jimmy theorized: “She liked the potential in me and never really got it.” right now.” That’s what she did, Emily assured him I’m short.”

When he ran into Travis at the horse show, he was working for the Four Sixes – Yellowstone co-owns the Stallion of the Year – Jimmy says he got it now: It really to be just you and a horse. “School’s over,” Travis told him, “and you’ve come out of it a cowboy.” So he will bring Jimmy back to Yellowstone. As fast as he could, Jimmy explained to Emily that although he didn’t want to, he really had to go – he owed John. She hates to hear it but respects it, so she says her goodbyes as quickly as an auctioneer can. That night, Jimmy appeared at her door. “I didn’t say goodbye,” he told her. “I’m holding you.” Well, she couldn’t let him break his word to John; Either way, that would be the end of them. What if Jimmy kept his word and got back with her? If he asked her to wait for him, she would. So he did, and didn’t know about you, but I 100% believe she will wait. Emily is the one against Mia!

Yellowstone season 4 episode 9 recap John tells Beth to move out‘I FIGHT STANDING’ | At Yellowstone, Beth, Rip, and Carter were settling into dinner in the cave when John said nope, they’re going to the dining room, and yes, his daughter won’t enjoy this meal. Knowing when to defeat a hasty retreat, Rip takes Carter to the log cabin, where he turns out to be a real tag shark. When John and Beth were alone, he called her because of what she did to Summer. If Beth is going to fight for him, she will have to do so with some morality. “We don’t kill sheep,” he grumbled, “we kill wolves.” What she did to Summer, it was cruel. “You really let me down, honey,” he admitted, “and I never thought I would say that about you.” He couldn’t hurt Beth more if he hit her. In fact, maybe she should “go somewhere else while I fight this alone,” he suggests. “This is my home,” she pointed out. “Maybe it’s time to find another one,” he replied. Cool, John. That’s not right.

Spinning around, Beth searches for Rip at the loft but catches Walker’s eye. (Uh-oh.) Why so sad? he asks. “I just lost something I’ve spent my life fighting for,” she replied. “Do you know any sad songs? Play one for me. ‘ So they went to the dark warehouse beneath the starry sky, and Walker built a heart cutter so that Beth could cry out. When Rip poked his head out of the basement door, he saw his fiancee in tears, Walker snarled away… and turned inside. Sorry. None of this looks good. What do you lose? To be Yellowstone inching towards the Rip/Beth separation? In essence, how wrong did John make Beth to eliminate Beth for exactly the same monster he made her? And WTH is the meaning of wolf?!?

https://tvline.com/2021/12/26/yellowstone-recap-season-4-episode-9-john-tells-beth-move-out/ Yellowstone Synopsis: Season 4, Episode 9 – Heartbreak Ahead

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