Yellowstone Synopsis: Season 4, Episode 7 – [Spoiler] Running for Governor

Saddle up, Yellowstone fans, because we are for one Hell of a bumpy ride. In Sunday episode, Garrett managing Christina to help Jamie run for governor… as well as Lynelle informing John that, what with her upcoming Senate bid and all, she will endorse his adoption for her old job. She was well aware that the two of them had problems, but if he wanted to have any hope of protecting of them Montana, “he is the devil we know”—that is, unless John himself wants to run.

c. John doesn’t want to do it, but dagnabbit, if it’s necessary to keep Jamie out of the governor’s office, fine, he’ll run. He knew he would have a lot to answer for, but he didn’t. “Damn it, I did it right,” he said, “this will be my campaign slogan.” And that is but one about the major plot twists in “Keep the Wolves Close.” Read on, and we’ll look at all the others.

goldstone recap season 4 episode 7 john running for governor‘I JUST STARTED THE Pony’ | In the early hours, at the Four Sixes, Jimmy is unwittingly recruited by the cute veterinary technician Emily (Nashville alum Kathryn Kelly) to… um… well, the title of this episode says it all, doesn’t it? (Pictured is his priceless reaction.) Then she asked to buy him dinner, but he couldn’t let her do it. Because he has a girlfriend? Eh, he’s not sure about that. But he could buy Emily dinner anyway. And as one of the few single guys under 30 in the county, it’s clear he’s in high demand. Go away, Jimmy!

At Yellowstone, John advises Carter to make things right with Beth – or else not. So he brought her flowers to apologize. She was, as you would expect, unimpressed. Those who have said they are sorry to the flowers have no balls to say the actual words, she calculated. But if he can promise to do what she tells him the way she told him to, and never lie to her, then they’re great. An agreement was reached, the youngster asked as he maybe give her flowers if not when he’s sorry. She told him, “You don’t give them for no reason, man. “There’s no reason at all.” Aw, Beth, you seem so secretive, you!

‘FINE, I ARE JUST CASE OF WORKING FOR UGGER WOMEN FROM HERE’ | At Kayce’s new place, Monica continues to be emotional about “Miss Pouty Lips” Avery. With good reason, it worked. After Kayce and Mo traced the stolen horses to the Department of Labor, where they were picked up for mustaches, Avery confessed to Tate’s father that she fell in love with him as soon as she saw him. Well, uh, he’s married. “Lucky is my king,” she sighed. She couldn’t love him anyway, Kayce thought. “God will not allow you to love something that cannot love you back.” Avery just laughed at that. “Yes,” she scoffed, “He will.”

When Beth arrives at her office at Market Equities, her first business order is to fire her right-hand man, who she deduces is rightly causing her secretary to falter. “I need my assistants to do their best not to be the ones in charge,” she said. “I don’t need them to pursue it.” After starting to redecorate her office to make it look less gynecological, Beth attended a meeting in which she learned how badly ME’s plans would wreak havoc on Yellowstone. What? Ellis asked. “You said you would turn [this place] into Park City. This is Park City. In addition to that shock, Beth, when she found out Summer was protesting a fur store, revealed what I was up to. If Summer wanted to object to something, she would Actually Environmental impact, Beth said, the airport is it. Smart.

goldstone recap season 4 episode 7 john running for governor‘WHEN DO YOU SAY, GIRL, JUST TURN UP UP UP” | Back on the farm, Teeter appealed to John about her case. The beef between Lloyd and Walker has nothing to do with her. Damn, even Laramie was just an excuse for that. Could he really be with her after she’s been branded and told she has a permanent home? “F-king is scarred for life, doesn’t that mean nothing?” Turns out Rip forgot to mention that Teeter was rebranded. So John lets her stay – Laramie too. After Teeter gave Rip an incredibly awkward hug, he tapped the label underneath his own shirt and reassured her that “hey, this means something”.

Meanwhile, Lloyd visits a pawn shop, where he deals in a one-of-a-kind belt for… my goodness. Looks like he’ll take a gun to finish the job his knife started. But it turns out he was buying a guitar to replace Walker’s one he broke. Did Lloyd ask for anything? Walker asked upon receiving the gift. Lloyd said: “Just play me once. And the song that Walker sang pretty much brought people to tears. Fences are welded.

goldstone recap season 4 episode 7 john running for governor‘IF YOU SEE IT PROGRESS DON’T MISS ME’ | Called away from an evening with Rip – sweeter than we’ve ever seen him with Carter – Beth learns from John that he wants more of them to move into the motel. Okay, but she wants her dad to ask her fiancé. Yup, “I’m afraid you’ll risk your feelings with another man,” she tells John – by ask Rip what he wants and then respect the answers he gets. While still shaking in his boots, John reveals that he’s agreed to run for governor – but wants Beth to get him out of it. Uh-uh, she said. He must do that. Here’s how to save the farm without selling it. As governor, he can shut down the airport project and pass legislation so Market Stocks can never darken on their doorstep again!

The next day, John tells Rip he’s moving into a motel, then realizes, “That doesn’t sound like a question, does it?” But the motel, John says, is where the family belongs. He’s even fine with the stray kid – just no stray dogs. (Oh, speaking of which, at Mo’s suggestion, Kayce decided to name Tate’s four-legged friend Sunka – Lakota for “dog.”) When the episode ended, Jamie excitedly headed to the conference room. Lynelle’s newspaper, where he expected her to announce that she had endorsed him for governor. He didn’t even catch up when he saw John and Beth there. “We’re not going to miss this to the world in that moment like always Beth has been,” John said. Poor Jamie thought they were there to support him… until Lynelle announced her choice for Montana’s next governor, and it was John who strode to the podium.

Come on, Jamie is a ferret, but you Yes to feel for him in that moment, right? Will he go against his adoptive father? Will Kayce be tempted by Avery? Will Mia find herself out of luck with Jimmy? Type in the comments with your thoughts/predictions/worries.

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