‘Yellowjackets’ synopsis: Season 1, Episode 9 – ‘Doomcoming’

Two important events take place at the penultimate Yellow jacket of Season 1, one in each timeline. Let’s start with the identity of the survivor blackmailer, shall we?

CURRENTLY | That’s Shauna’s husband, Jeff. SO, I HAVE REACTED THE SAME: This guy?! Apparently his furniture store was in real financial trouble, and he borrowed money from a loan shark but couldn’t pay it back, so he thought he would beat Taissa and Natalie for some cash. Yes, it must have been him that they were chasing after sparkles and everything. And how did he know about their secret? Because he read Shauna’s diary many years ago. “All this time, did you know everything? And even now, after what just happened, you…,” she was about to cry. “Shauna, of course I still love you,” he said simply. Oh, and Jeff wasn’t having an affair – the woman he met at the hotel had ties to loan sharks.

yellowjackets-recap-season-1-episode-9-doomcoming-jeffUnfortunately, Shauna learned all this after she confronts Adam, who insists that he has no idea what she’s talking about. She began walking past his apartment looking for evidence that he was lying, and eventually found two books about the plane crash. He stammered that he had Googled her and was curious about her story, but he was in no way involved in any blackmail plot. But Shauna goes back to different moments from when she was in the woods, grabbing a knife from his butcher’s section and stabbing him in the stomach, killing him quickly.

She informed Tai and Natalie, who accompanied her to Adam’s apartment. She lied to them that he was the blackmailer, showing him items (like her duffel bag and her diary) that she “found” at his place. They were worried about how they would handle his body. After all, who has the skill set to handle such a thing with aplomb? Then Natalie remembered… and went to Misty’s place. Jessica was having a sweet conversation when Misty finally told her story (“So you two ate each other? That’s what happened, right?”) when the doorbell rang. Nat apologizes to the extremely upset Misty and calls her a real friend, but Misty wonders what she really wants. “Well, citizen detective, we need you to dispose of a body.”

AFTERWARD | In the post-accident period, it got colder and the survivors resorted to eating worms. The girls (and the boys) are aware that they will probably starve to death in a few weeks if not rescued. And when they realized that the upcoming full moon would happen around the same time as their high school welcome ceremony would have, they decided to do a “Doomcoming” dance. They would drink fermented berries that had turned into alcohol, wear the dresses they brought to their championship dinner, and generally have one last labor before the real badness began.

yellowjackets-recap-season-1-episode-9-doomcoming-jeffJackie informs Shauna that she won’t die for a virgin, so she will propose to Travis at Doomcoming. When Shauna protests that Travis and Nat are a thing—though not at the moment—Jackie says, “Do you like him? Because I mean, God knows, I would never want us to fight over the same guy. “You have to admire how, even on the verge of starvation, Jackie took down high school girl BS. Meanwhile, Misty asks Coach Ben to go dance with her, and he feels bad for it. her, so he said yes, but he was quick to remind her that the “boundary” they had set would still be in. She was so giddy she ignored a Trapper Keeper she hides in the woods and takes some ‘shrooms.God knows exactly what she intends to do with them; they are accidentally added to the communal stew, and although she is surprised, she says nothing to warn his teammates of their impending change of consciousness.

yellowjackets-recap-season-1-episode-9-doomcomingFinally, it’s time to dance. Tai made masks for her and Van, and they wore them so that Van wouldn’t feel self-conscious about her ugly face. They then kissed in front of everyone, causing the small crowd to rise to cheers. All the girls wear crowns made of feathers, branches, leaves and the like; Still, it’s hard to think they’re pretty, because we know how close they are to the ones worn in the snow at the start of the series premiere.

Eventually, the ‘shroom started to benefit everyone, except Jackie, who chose not to eat. After all, she had an agenda: After some aggressive flirting on her part, she and Travis had sex in the attic of the cabin. He staggered down the stairs afterwards and was confronted by most of the rest of the group, who fervently claimed that Jackie had taken something that wasn’t hers. Jackie is locked in the pantry while the girls engage in erotic acts with Travis at the center. He got into it from the start, but when they started using his teeth – and when he began to fantasize that the women were tearing his flesh from his body – he began.

yellowjackets-recap-season-1-episode-9-doomcomingA brief moment, for Tai and Van, who made love by the water’s edge. And when Tai asked to remove his girlfriend’s mask, we found that the scar wasn’t too bad! (I’m not a surgeon, but isn’t HALF HER CHEEK missing? How come there are only a few red lines there now?) In other news, Misty overhears Coach Ben talking to Nat about love and decided to jump on top of him, declaring her own feelings. He pushed her away and shouted that he was gay. The news was not received.

Anyway, back to the really messy phenomenon. The women, led by Lottie (who may or may not channel the dark energy of the forest or whatever), chase after Travis as if he were a deer and they were a pack of wolves. Maybe they really thought he was a deer. They are definitely screaming and screaming as if they are apex predators. They eventually catch him and Shauna is about to cut open his stomach when Nat, who has been crying to Coach Ben about how much she loves Travis, steps in at the right moment. She frees Jackie in her search for Travis, and both girls wonder what WTF is going on. By the way, Travis ran away. “It’s all of us, you know,” Lottie said ominously. “Even him, even you.” And the way she smiled magically was chilling.

Now it’s your turn. What do you think about the episode? Turn off the sound in the comments!

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