Xbox is selling $25 Red Ring Of Death posters

Make you shiver every time you look up at your bedroom wall by putting $25 on this poster.

xbox red ring
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The decision of any company to enter an already dead-end market when it comes to creating and selling dashboards is indeed a very brave one. Even a company of the size Microsoft took a big risk when it first came out Xbox 20 years ago. Not just Nintendo more than 15 years at that time, but Sony is building on the success of its own first console through PS2.

The original Xbox did well, but its success fell short of 360. It has sold 84 million consoles, about to beat PS3number of. What makes the 360’s success even more remarkable is the huge hurdle Xbox has had to overcome during its tenure. The infamous red ring of death.

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Despite the incident that cost Microsoft more than $1 billion and was something that could damage the Xbox brand irreparably, the red ring of death has now been memorialized in poster form. Not by some PlayStation fanboy as a joke, nor by a nostalgic 360 owner who moved the whole past. The poster is on sale officially through Xbox Gear Store for 25 dollars.

xbox red ring poster
via Xbox

The poster you can see above shows three of the 360’s four lights glowing red with a green power symbol in the middle. Anyone who sees that in real life will have a feeling of fear and dread when looking at the image above. The official word for that means “your console or its power supply has a hardware problem”. In a much simpler and more realistic way, that means your 360 is done.


Dig deep into the history of 360 by VentureBeat revealed Xbox was aware of the console issues at launch but they went ahead and released a second console into the wild. Otherwise, it risks losing a lot of ground to PlayStation and Nintendo. As mentioned above, the risk cost Xbox more than 1 billion USD. What amazingly didn’t happen was irreparable damage to its still-nascent brand. The Red Circle of Death has done little about Xbox selling a poster to remember that era. If it sells 40 million of that, it might just make up for the money the red ring spent

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