WWE legend The Undertaker feared he “killed” Mick Foley in the ring as the wrestler “cheated twice” on Death.

WWE icon The Undertaker believed he killed fellow wrestler Mick Foley TWICE during their infamous Hell In The Cell contest.

Taker feared the worst after throwing Foley, who was fighting as his alter-ego Mankind, so hard from a 16-foot metal case into a ringside desk.

Undertaker recalled a famous match against Mick Foley


Undertaker recalled a famous match against Mick FoleyPhoto credit: Getty
Mick Foley wrestled as


Mick Foley wrestled as “Mankind” in the 1998 classic.Photo credit: Getty
The match was one of the most brutal in WWE history


The match was one of the most brutal in WWE historyCredit: WWE

Minutes later, Foley suffered a second life-threatening – and unplanned body attack – when a cage panel gave way, knocking him onto the canvas.

The bloody match, which took place at Pittsburgh’s Civic Arena in 1998, is considered one of the most brutal in WWE history.

It will be revisited and reviewed by the legendary fighters in an upcoming TV special WWE Rivals on the A&E Network.

The Undertaker, real name Mark Calaway, believed his opponent had a death wish and urged him not to engage in the potentially fatal moves.

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Calaway recalled seeing Foley lying motionless after throwing him 20 feet onto the concrete floor.

He said: “I can see myself standing there and watching him fall and thinking he’s not going to get up from that. I’m like, ‘Just move Mick, move!’”

Commentator Jim Ross added: “I really felt like he was dead.

“Foley’s body hits wood and concrete. An average man could not endure this ordeal. Mick was anything but average.”

Fellow host Jerry Lawler also said: “He landed at my feet, opened his eyes and smiled.”

Calaway felt the fight was over as paramedics led him away on a stretcher.

However, Foley recovered and raced back onto the cage while his stunned opponent was inspired to do the same.

Taker smirked, “That’s the toughest son of a bitch I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Shortly after, however, Undertaker’s chokeslam was so severe that Foley’s 290-pound body dented the metal plate, sending him back to the canvas first.

The then 33-year-old had a cold and was bleeding when his front teeth were hit by a falling chair with a tooth lodged in his nostril.

Taker admitted, “When the panel broke away, it was a whole different level of the severe bump he suffered. If he turns a few more inches, he won’t get up.”

Panicked veteran wrestler Terry Funk rushed to Foley’s aid: “I knew he was through. I said he’s out, he’s gone. It’s over. He won’t get up.”

Miraculously, Foley rose to his feet with a concussion and blood pouring from his mouth, only to punish even more from his opponent.

Calaway admitted, “Every time I hit him, I’m like, ‘Mick just stay down.’

“I went into the game with a broken ankle.

“I’m questioning my masculinity? But I don’t say shit about my ankle after that.”

Taker told him “Go home”. But instead, the Indiana-born grappler spilled thumbnails across the canvas.

Taker recalled, “I’m trying to reason with the man he just killed twice. “Mick, we’re good. just stay down We don’t need the thumbtacks.”

“We got hooked. He didn’t like how it worked the first time, so we did it twice.”

Foley was pinned headfirst onto the thumbtacks by Taker’s trademark Tombstone Finishing Move.

A Proud Foley walked out of the arena saying: “I can’t lie on two stretchers in one night.

“Some things that seemed like good ideas back then have not aged well. But I think you must admire my cum.”

Taker said: “That tells you everything you need to know about Mick, the sports entertainer.

“He was willing to risk everything for the match he wanted. He wanted it for me and the fans. This match was next level stuff that most people don’t have in them. It’s incredible.”

Foley admitted, “For years I struggled to deal with the aftermath of the cell.

“Nothing I would ever do would make fans forget how we’ve felt in that moment for years.”

He even got “sulky” and “tired” of fans’ questions and reactions to the brawl.

It wasn’t until Taker – real name Mark Calaway – told him that “people are going to talk about this match when we’re dead”.

Foley added: “I felt like a weight had been lifted.

“I look back on this moment and am so grateful that our lives were intertwined. Without Undertaker, I’m not in the WWE Hall of Fame.”

It took Foley months to convince Taker to consider fighting with blood and thrills after watching him lose to Shawn Michaels in October 1997 in the first Hell In The Cell.

The Undertaker admitted, “He was insistent and really wanted to take that bump. At the end I asked: ‘Mick, why do you have to kill yourself?’

“It was a serious moment.”

Incredibly, it was only agreed that Foley would be thrown out of the cage and into the desk on fight day.

The Undertaker feared Mick Foley had died during the game


The Undertaker feared Mick Foley had died during the gameCredit: WWE
The pair engaged in one of the most brutal matches WWE has ever seen


The pair engaged in one of the most brutal matches WWE has ever seenCredit: WWE

The two icons spoke about A&E’s WWE Rivals, hosted by actor and ex-WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr.

Season 2 begins exploring Hulk Hogan vs. Andre The Giant and will explore other rivalries including “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart, Undertaker vs. Mankind, The Rock vs. John Cena, Triple H vs. Batista , Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. Shawn Michaels.

The series returns Sunday, February 19 at 8:00 p.m. ET, WWE on A&E returns with Season 3 of Biography: WWE Legends.

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