Wordle App Duplicates Viral Internet Games for a “Quick Buck”

Did you see those colored boxes on Twitter And if you say you haven’t, you’re lying. Wordle is a completely free browser game that went viral overnight, but someone decided to copy the idea and name while participating in a subscription service.

The story behind Wordle is sweet, warm, and wholesome, but developer Zach Shakked’s story is anything but. While software engineer John Wardle made it for his wife, who is very fond of word games, Shakked was trying to cash in on a trend by stealing ideas.

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He took the name Wordle, its idea and image, and he put his copy in App Store, tricked many into believing it was the viral game they saw online. While the original is free and has a daily limit, Shakked’s has a monthly subscription fee of $29.99. It allows you to play more than once a day.

Shakked quickly caught fire as many people flagged his game on the App Store in defense of Wordle, mocking him in his reply with comments like “Stealing is a five-letter word. ” He then elevates his account while his copied version of Wordle is taken down. He then went on to speak worse, upset about the backlash.

He claimed that Wordle was a clone of an 80s game show in an attempt to justify his copy, “Wordle is a clone of another game. Wordle This word was not posted. trademarked and there’s a bunch of other unrelated word apps named the same thing. Well, I’m going to hack something together over the weekend and see if I can get a quick buck.”

He claims that the UI is “similar” as he just put it together over the weekend with his plan to work on an update to revise its visuals. It may seem like a protective measure, but it further confirms that his version was a quick money in a viral trend before it died.

Zach later justified the subscription fee by saying it’s a standard in mobile gaming and he does it in every app he makes. The thread continued with general apologies and justifications before Zach finally said, “How do you feel about Apple unilaterally removing the app without any recourse? I spoke to attorneys and the original creator’s claims to ‘Wordle’ are highly questionable”.

Ironically, he only tweeted last June, “I have extreme contempt for copyists. Shameless copying is stupid. ?”

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