Women will live in fear until the shameful Met Police regain confidence

THERE are many reasons why the Metropolitan Police Force is not currently considered fit for purpose.

These include the murder of Sarah Everard by duty officer Wayne Couzens, the “racially profiling” search of Team GB sprinter Bianca Williams, and the strip search of a 15-year-old black student known as Child Q.

The Met Police must regain women's trust


The Met Police must regain women’s trust

Perhaps most shocking to me is the truly terrifying realization that it is still not safe for a woman to walk the streets of London.

You may not have noticed in another hectic news week that the Met was placed in special measures for the first time due to “systemic” failures.

It’s not alone. Five other forces including Greater Manchester, Cleveland, Gloucestershire, Staffordshire and Wiltshire are also now in special measures.

At least for women in London, it feels less safe to walk around.

Zara Aleena, 35, a former law student who wanted to be a lawyer, was gruesomely murdered while walking home in Ilford, east London.

Hours after Zara was killed, the man in charge of the investigation, Chief Superintendent Stuart Bell, urged the female population to “be vigilant but not alarmed”.

Zara Aleena was killed while walking home


Zara Aleena was killed while walking homeCredit: PA

I’d love to take him at face value, but how could a woman not be disturbed by the news that someone like her was seemingly chosen at random to kill him?

I definitely was, like every woman I know.

Most women are already alert. But what is “Alarm” supposed to do for us when we are under attack?

Does he mean that women shouldn’t go out alone?

Sisters Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman were stabbed while out and about together.

What can women realistically do? Stay home after dark? Only going out in large groups?

As usual, women are being asked to change their behavior. But still we don’t feel safe. Because we’re not sure.

Friends in another part of London tell me that women are currently sharing information about a series of sexual assaults by a man on a bicycle.

In response, they buy rape alerts and change their routines so they aren’t alone on walks or runs with the dog.

radical change

Women change their behavior to avoid being attacked. They do this because they know they cannot trust the police to protect them.

Muggers plague my neighborhood. Last week a woman on my street had her phone snatched from her hand by two youths on bicycles. A man was held with a knife for his watch.

The reason the Met Police, once one of the most respected police forces in the world, find themselves in special action is due to a complete lack of leadership and priorities.

As London Mayor Sadiq Khan bickers with Home Secretary Priti Patel, we seem no closer to finding a new Met commissioner.

This should be the top priority. And those are the things that need to happen.

Any woman who reports violence or abuse must be taken seriously.

We need to see more cops on the streets to deter people who think they can – literally – get away with murder.

If there is a crime hotspot, it must be guarded regularly and in a clearly visible manner.

Individuals caught engaging in assault, other assaults and muggings should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

So few rapes go to prosecution and the experience of a rape trial is so traumatic for women that many fear reporting sexual violence.

The experience of women in our justice system needs to be improved.

Perhaps most importantly, the police must maintain the highest professional standards.

Culture needs to change radically, so it’s unthinkable for officers to photograph corpses or send inappropriate messages about victims, or for an officer to be nicknamed like “the rapist” without anyone doing anything.

The Met still has a long way to go to improve its reputation and its relationship with the public. Now it has to start.

Emma got it right

Emma Raducanu's reaction to the Wimbledon defeat was correct


Emma Raducanu’s reaction to the Wimbledon defeat was correctPhoto credit: Getty

Britain’s Emma Raducanu has been slammed for “dropping out” from Wimbledon after losing her second-round match on Wednesday.

Not only that, she was scrutinized even more closely for her reaction to it.

Emma, ​​who is just 19 – I repeat, 19 – refused to lose her composure after falling into France’s Caroline Garcia on Center Court.

In her post-match press conference, she said any suggestion that there was too much pressure on her young shoulders was “a joke”.

She also insisted that reaching the second round of Wimbledon was something to be proud of. I couldn’t agree more.

The whole country seems desperate for this young woman to become our new national darling.

I personally think it’s quite impressive that she shrugged off defeat and reminded us that it really isn’t about winning, it’s about going with the right attitude.

She’s young and has her whole career ahead of her – it’s great that she’s keeping an eye on that.

Ban is an own goal

TALK about an overreaction: Germany’s largest newspaper Bild announced that it stopped star reporter Lena Wurzenberger from reporting on FC Bayern Munich.

The reason? Your relationship with team boss Julian Nagelsmann.

The newspaper announced that it had banned Lena from reporting on the club “with immediate effect” after the discovery.

It comes after the newspaper reported earlier this month that Nagelsmann had split from his wife Verena after 15 years together.

I do not understand that. What’s the big deal?

They are both single and both adults. A good journalist would not allow a personal relationship to compromise his or her reporting integrity.

And couldn’t all this inside information come in handy?

It’s Wyn’s win for us and Taylor

Taylor Swift is now living a low-key life with her fiancé


Taylor Swift is now living a low-key life with her fiancéPhoto credit: Getty

SO nice news that Taylor Swift is engaged to our very own Joe Alwyn.

The megastar singer and British actor are said to have shared the news with their inner circle, with the singer wearing her engagement ring “behind closed doors”.

Taylor is engaged to British actor Joe Alwyn


Taylor is engaged to British actor Joe AlwynPhoto credit: Getty

They’re not exactly shouting it from the rooftops, but it’s still wonderful to hear.

It’s a fitting engagement for Taylor, who now lives a low-key life, driving her Nissan around London and holidaying in Newquay, Cornwall.

After finding love with a London boy, she seems to have an equally crush on everything British. And we’re so lucky to have you, Taylor.

What will become of the spoiled little boy?

I had to suppress a small giggle as I read about ‘Britain’s Spoiled Child’ Jareem Akram.

The one-year-old wears Gucci trainers and has a jewelry collection that includes a £750 Versace necklace and £925 diamond bracelet.

He even has a massive gold doll and is bathed in milk and honey like Queen Cleopatra.

His mother Kasey, 32, insists: “What Jareem wants, Jareem gets.”

Oh Kasey. Babies need love, comfort and routine – not a suitcase full of designer swag.

She claims she spends up to £1,000 a month on him by claiming cash.

But Kasey would be much better off saving that money and creating a nest egg for little Jareem to use for a good education.

And God help his future wife when he grows up – having been so spoiled, it will be almost impossible to compete with his mother.

Bernie praise daft

Bernie Ecclestone's comments this week have been disgraceful


Bernie Ecclestone’s comments this week have been disgracefulPhoto credit: Getty

I can’t tell Bernie Ecclestone that he would “still take a bullet” for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

Putin is a man bent on destroying another country, the outcast of the world.

Ecclestone made the bizarre vow after this week’s nefarious Russian attacks on a shopping center in Ukraine, an act branded a war crime by Western leaders.

Despite all that, the former Formula One boss told Good Morning Britain last week that Putin was a “first class person” and “reasonable”.

I can’t have been the only person who choked on my cornflakes.

He also defended his longtime friend Nelson Piquet following the Brazilian ex-driver’s racial abuse of Lewis Hamilton.

He urged Lewis to just “put the racial slur aside” and “be happy” with his apology.

They say a man is judged by the company he keeps. Well, I’m afraid the verdict has been reached.

The sport he once led has also turned its back on him.

A statement from F1 said: “Bernie Ecclestone’s comments are his personal views and are in stark contrast to the modern values ​​of our sport.”

I couldn’t agree more. But it’s not just the modern values ​​of sport that Bernie doesn’t represent – it’s modern society in general.

Time to crawl back under the rock that GMB dredged him from. Women will live in fear until the shameful Met Police regain confidence


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