Woman in the House review: Kristen Bell’s dizzying fake Netflix real crime

In the first 30 seconds of the trailer for the Kristen Bell show The The woman in the house across the street from the girl in the window (TWITHATSFTGITW from here on because try talking 5x faster!), the Netflix series looks like any other crime story aimed at bored housewives like the one Bell seems to have portrayed. That kind of problem.

TWITHATSFTGITW Imagine yourself in conversation with so many female crime thrillers on the screen: Lost Girl, Girl on the train and the past years have been horrible Woman in the window, also on Netflix. There is an unreliable narrator, a white woman missing, a suspicious, traumatized, addicted and heavy drinker boyfriend. But how deep does this parody cut across all eight episodes for critics?

Who’s Behind The Woman in the House Across the Street The Girl in the Window?

The series was created by husband and wife team Rachel Ramras and Hugh Davidson, along with Larry Dorf, all of whom directed the comedy series. Relatives. TWITHATSFTGITW run by Bell star Will Ferrell, Jessica Elbaum and Brittney Segal.

Joining Bell are Michael Ealy as Anna’s ex-husband, Mary Holland as best friend, Tom Riley as the suspicious but intriguing neighbor, and Cameron Britton, in all serial killer– beautiful glory, like a handyman always lurking.

What is it about??

Bell’s Anna is a divorced alcoholic painter, grieving the death of her daughter a few years earlier. With her current income uncertain, she sits by the window of her sumptuous suburban home, glasses literally full of wine and a perpetually unfinished crime novel sure to is fodder for one of the aforementioned screen adaptations alongside her, gazing at neighborhood developments.

Until one evening, she witnessed the murder of the girl through the window across the street – or her?

What is it talking about?

TWITHATSFTGITW is a spoof of big-screen crime book adaptations from over a decade ago. Anna doesn’t just share a name with Woman in the windowThe main character is played by Amy Adams, but also has a similar story and trauma response. Like her and Girl on the trainRachel (Emily Blunt), Anna drinks too much and is painted (pardon the pun) as a hallucinogenic radioactive cannon. But it’s all made for fun: her voice acting has a temporary British accent, the fruit bowl in her kitchen contains a mountain of wine corks, and her daughter’s death takes place. in the most ridiculous way possible.

To pack in yet another reference to a recent mystery on-screen book featuring an unreliable narrator, the murder victim was apparently a flight attendant – la Kaley Cuoco’s Flight attendant – because of course she is. Like those who have come before her, Anna will solve the murder that everyone around her is telling her didn’t happen.

That’s it good?

The movies this show parodies are, at least, watchable, thanks to the level of care given to the story and language with the support of Hollywood’s big bucks. TWITHATSFTGITW It is so obviously shot on a Hollywood plot that it lacks the atmosphere so wonderfully captured in these other movies and series. Comes with pointless dubbing, mixed metaphors, awkward dialogue even if it doesn’t satirize its predecessor, and pacing issues (nothing really happened in the first half of season eight). practice), TWITHATSFTGITW falls into the traps it is trying to criticize.

Because of Anna’s grief, an absurd reaction to rain following her daughter’s death on a rainy day (you’d think she’d move from her high-rainfall locality, but I digress) , and her addiction, Anna was told that what she saw was more likely a hallucination than witnessing a legitimate crime. Such is the content of the works that inspired it, but here it is more like an emotionless depiction of mental illness in an attempt to match its predecessor. Anna continues to do things like venture out into the storm even though it’s what caused the storm for her and inexplicably reaches into a hot oven without gloves on, actions that make her less more sympathetic and caricature-like (especially when paired with Amy Adams’ more convincing depiction of agoraphobia in Woman in the window).

Kristen Bell empties her glass of wine on her new Netflix show

Photo: Netflix

And while I don’t think a main character has to be likable – certainly none of them TWITHATSFTGITWcontemporaries – at least they must resemble a real person. Anna is so flamboyant, brazen, and innocent that it’s really hard for viewers to care about her plight.

After just three episodes midway through, the story kicks in and so does our ostensibly female protagonist, at least to the extent that she’s capable. For someone who imagines herself as an armchair detective, Anna is pretty clueless. It didn’t happen to her that the woman across the street was far likely murdered by her close mate (conveniently interested in Anna’s love) than the randos she uses, in contrast to Anna’s suspicious, unreliable contemporaries, who immediately point the finger at people husband. Perhaps if Anna had progressed further in the mystery novel near her perch on the window, she would have figured out the mystery faster and not let the audience down.

To watch or not to watch

I try to imagine many viewers could get through the first episode or two, but if they do, they’ll probably be rewarded. TWITHATSFTGITWthe only saving grace: a cameo in the closing moments of the show’s final episode. I won’t spoil it here, but it’s a cameo to compete with Flight attendant Casting announcement for Sharon Stone season 2. potential) in the end or not.

Where can we watch TWITHATSFTGITW?

All eight episodes of The The woman in the house across the street from the girl in the window drops on Netflix on January 28.

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