Witching Wing Mission Pack Guide for Fortnite

One of the most interesting things in Fortnite getting new interface. Whether it passed Battle PassShop items or special packs, it’s always fun to get a new skin and see the exclamation mark on your Lockers tab.

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Specialty packs are well-named because they often come with a variety of cosmetics or other skins, and they often include V-Bucks. That is the case of Witching Wing Quest Packit has its own set of challenges that allow you unlock V-Bucks. Continue reading our guide to learn more.

What is the Witching Wing quest pack?

myna's glider

The Witching Wing Pack was released on January 26, 2022. It comes with several cosmetic items: a skin, a back patch, a pickaxe, and a glider. As well as a set of challenges that, upon completion, will award you a sum of money 1,500 V-Bucks.

The Witching Wing Pack includes:

Myna costume

Aviary back bling

Swiftwing is nested glider

Bleak Beak harvesting tools

1,500 V-Bucks

When surfing in game, if Myna has the Aviary back bling equipped, it will disappear when she opens the Caged Swiftwing glider, this is because the back bling turns into a glider. It will then reappear as soon as she sets the glider away and hits the ground.

The Bleak Beak harvester glows when you use it, and when you sprint with it equipped, it also leaves a trail of crow feathers. The rear bling (and thus the glider) emits a similarly eerie glow, which is the most striking thing about this set. All cosmetic items included in this package are part of Witching outfit, this is strange given the similarities with Nevermore Set. They are extremely similar, but they do not belong to the same set of cosmetics.

myna, ravage and raven fortnite

The Nevermore set is known for its iconic skins, Raven and Ravage. Myna’s entire outfit is outfitted with crow feather accessories, and she looks a lot like both of these characters except you can see her face, unlike the other two who don’t seem to have one. Physical form at all, they look extremely supernatural only having glowing purple eyes.

Also, on top of that, Myna also has a mask on her lap that looks exactly like Ravage’s, so they must all be related somehow. Perhaps a connection will be revealed as the game’s lore deepens.

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How to get the Witching Wing Quest Pack

how to buy

The Witching Wing quest pack is a Special Offer, so you can only buy it with money, not V-Bucks. If you want to receive this offer then you must go to the Item Shop tab. Later, scroll down until you get to Special Offers & Packages. Select the Witching Wing Quest Pack and then click Buy. The price of the package is $11.99.

How to complete the Witching Wing Quest Pack

all quests for witch wings

While you will receive the cosmetic items immediately after purchasing the pack, you will not receive any V-Bucks immediately. You will have to complete five stages quests and gradually earn V-Bucks. Here are all the mission stages and how many V-Bucks you will get each time you complete a stage.

Stage Mission Prize
Phase One of the Year Complete four daily bonus goals 100 V-Bucks
Phase Two of the Year Complete eight daily bonus goals 200 V-Bucks
Phase Three of the Year Complete twelve daily bonus goals 300 V-Bucks
Stage Four of Five Complete sixteen daily bonus goals 400 V-Bucks
Phase Five of the Year Complete twenty daily bonus goals 500 V-Bucks

Daily bonus goal similar to Close Encounters LTM Bonus Target Quest, it involves completing as many of the goals out of a series of challenges as you manage. In this case, it’s related to the number of daily tasks you complete each day. Here are the three daily bonus goals that you will get each day:

  • Complete a daily quest
  • Complete two daily quests
  • Complete three daily quests

It sounds a bit confusing, what does this mean To progress in the Witching Wing quest pack you must complete daily bonus objectives that require you to complete the daily quest. The bad news here is that since you can only complete three daily bonus goals per day, it will take a few days before you get all the V-Bucks you’re entitled to.

If you manage to complete all three daily bonus goals every day, it will still take you seven days to get 1,500 V-Bucks. You will receive 100 V-Bucks on Monday, 200 V-Bucks on Tuesday, 300 V-Bucks on Wednesday, 400 V-Bucks on Friday, and finally 500 V-Bucks on Thursday. seven days.

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It’s a loss, so you can have fun with it too.

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