Winter Storm Quinlan Path Tracker LIVE – Tornado threat warning as bomb tornadoes and ice storms hit US this weekend

A POWERFUL “bomb cyclone” is on track to make landfall in central and eastern parts of the US this week and could affect the weekend.

The snow stormNamed Winter Storm Quinlan by Weather channelcould bring heavy rain, thunderstorms, high winds, snow, and a cold snap to the Eastern United States in particular, AccuWeather reported.

AccuWeather meteorologist Alex DaSilva said: “Confidence is growing that a major hurricane will bring widespread effects.

Parts of the East Oklahoma to the western parts of Ohio, Kentuckyand Tennesseeplus the northern parts of Mississippi and Alabama a few inches of snow can be seen.

ONE Bomb tornadoalso known as bombogenesis, “occurs when a mid-latitude tornado rapidly strengthens,” according to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

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  • Keep your pets safe, continue

    According to these recommendations To keep your pets safe and healthy during winter storms:

    • Keeping pets indoors
    • Provide outdoor shelter for outdoor pets
    • Take care of your pet’s paws
    • Provide more food and water
    • Use a leash when walking near water
    • Do not leave your pet locked in a car
    • Keep antifreeze out of reach of pets
    • Check your vehicle before starting it to avoid pet-related hazards
  • Keep your pets safe

    Chapped and itchy, flaky skin can be caused by exposure to winter’s cold, dry air, as well as cold rain, sleet, and snow, but these aren’t the only problems dogs face. .

    If chemicals from defrosting products are licked onto bare feet, winter walks can turn out to be harmful. has revealed expert suggestions to help avoid the dangers of cold weather affecting your pet’s health.

  • Preparing for a power outage

    During periods of extreme cold or heat, disconnecting the power can be very dangerous. Power outages can also be a problem for people using power-based medical devices.

    Outages can be minimized by planning ahead and keeping you and your family safe.

    Do the following to prepare:

    • If a power outage is forecast, fully charge cell phones, laptops, and other electrical devices before the storm.
    • If your medical equipment is powered, discuss your options with healthcare professionals, utility companies, and a personal support network during a power outage. Talk to loved ones, friends, and your support network if you need help during an outage.
    • Consider buying a generator to power your home in the event of a power outage. Before a power outage, read the manufacturer’s instructions and understand how to operate it properly.
  • Tips if you have to drive in a storm

    Unless absolutely necessary, avoid driving during winter storms. If you must travel, this is some safe driving Recommendations.

    • Avoid driving in the most extreme areas of the storm. Only go during the day if possible, don’t go it alone, and stick to the main highways instead of taking shortcuts.
    • Use public transport.
    • Before driving, clear ice from windows, lights, hood and roof.
    • Make sure there is enough space to stop.
    • Don’t try to beat the weather. Remember that the specified speed limits only apply to dry pavement.
  • Biggest blizzard of all time: ranked

    Based on How content worksThe 10 biggest blizzards of all time are:

    • Snowstorm of 1888: Northeastern United States
    • Storm of the Century, 1993: US East
    • 2006 New York City blizzard
    • Lhunze County, Tibet in 2008
    • Mount Shasta, California in 1959
    • Eastern Canada blizzard 1971: Quebec and Ontario, Canada
    • 1972 Iran snowstorm: Iran and Azerbaijan
    • The Great Snow of 1717: New England
    • Buffalo blizzard in 1977
    • Snowmageddon 2014: Atlanta
  • Biggest blizzard of all time

    NESIS takes into account the fact that some of the deadliest storms have light snowfall that is blown out of view by storm winds.

    Some hurricanes are more severe than others because they make landfall in large cities or are so extensive that they make landfall in many cities.

  • Missouri Weather Channel

    Meteorologist Justin Michaels is currently in Kansas City, Missouri reporting on winter storm Quinlan.

  • Kansas City’s ‘well-formed’ streets

    Field weather reporter Charles Peek reported from Kansas City, Missouri during winter storm Quinlan on Thursday, and the Weather Channel shared his update on Twitter.

    “Road condition in good shape as #winterstorm #Quinlan pushes through Kansas City area,” Peek tweeted.

    “Fans are making their way to the basketball tournament @ Big12Conference as it snows.”

  • If you can’t find covered parking

    Raising your car’s windshield wipers will make it easier to scrape your windshield after a blizzard.

    It can also prevent your wiper blades from freezing to the windshield.

    However, if you forget to lift the wipers, it won’t cause any damage.

  • Protect your car during a blizzard

    If you don’t have a covered parking space, you can ask a friend or family member if they have extra parking space.

    Perhaps you know someone who has a two- or three-car garage.

    If you don’t know anyone who has a covered parking space, you can park your car.

    On average, it costs about $45 to get a standard vehicle in stock for a day.

    However, rates may vary depending on the facility you choose.

  • Before the storm makes landfall, continue

    If you have any chargers, wallets, garage openers, or keys in your car, you’ll want to get them out.

    Finally, lock your car. This seems simple, but it is easy to forget.

    You’ll be away from your car for a long time, so you don’t need to double-check if you’ve locked it.

  • What to do before the storm hits?

    Winter storms can last for days, and it’s never good to leave your car dirty for a long time.

    Acidic substances can corrode your paintwork and car covers can rub dirt around the clear paint and cause scratches.

    So if you know a winter storm is coming, you should clear it up quickly before you park it somewhere safe for the duration of the storm.

    After washing your car, get out of the car anything that you might need in the next few days.

  • What happens in a tornado?

    It occurs when a tornado in the middle rapidly strengthens, dropping at least 24 millibars – One millibar measures barometric pressure – in 24 hours.

    This can happen when a cold air mass collides with a warm air mass.

    An example is when cold air moves over warm seas.

    The formation of this rapidly intensifying weather system is a process known as bombogenesis, which produces what is known as a bomb cyclone.

  • Where did the tornado happen?

    Tornado Bomb“occurs most often along coastlines where the water is warm.

    Warm water creates a strong temperature gradient from its surface to the atmosphere just above it.

  • What is a tornado bomb?

    Cyclone storm is a common term used by meteorologists to refer to explosive cyclones or bombogenesis.

    ONE Bomb tornado occurs when the central pressure of a low-pressure system drops by at least 24 millibars – one millibar measures barometric pressure – over 24 hours or less.

    This can happen when a cold air mass collides with a warm air mass.

    Bombogenesis, “occurs when a mid-latitude tornado rapidly strengthens,” according to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

  • Tornadoes in the Carolinas

    The Storm Forecast Center speak.

    Winds and tornadoes are possible during thunderstorms that may occur in the area during that time period.

  • There may be a power outage

    In southern New England, gusts can reach 70 to 90 mph AccuWeather.

    Power outages could be “widespread” due to windy weather.

  • Snow and wind in the Northeast

    “The Northeast will see not only snow but some strong winds and gusts as well,” Meteorologist Domenica Davis reveals winter storm Quinlan.

  • Alabama can see snow

    Places as far south as Birmingham, Alabama, could snow Friday night, AccuWeather Meteorologist Alex DaSilva said.

    Snow will come after the initial rainfall starts as rain.

  • Watch for winter storm Quinlan

    “All this snow proves it’s not spring yet!” The Weather Channel shared on Twitteralong with a gif of where the storm is expected to hit.

  • Wild weather in Dallas

    “Temperatures are forecast to return to near 70 in Dallas on Thursday only rain, sleet and snow with temperatures dropping to the 30s on Friday,” AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski said.

    The last time Dallas had measurable snow (0.10 inches or more) in March was in 2015.

  • Winter weather warning issued

    A winter warning has been issued for residents in Tennessee, North Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma. Ohio, Kentucky and Mississippi.

    The clear bang will come just days after a flurry of snow swept the mid-Atlantic region and New England this week, and as another layer of snow hits the Central states on Thursday.

  • Impact on millions

    High volume snow storm is expected to affect millions of Americans.

    Winter storm Quinlan can dump both rain and snow on different areas while bringing strong winds and sharp drops in temperatures.

  • Spreading snow

    Parts of the East Oklahoma to the western parts of Ohio, Kentuckyand Tennesseeplus the northern parts of Mississippi and Alabama a few inches of snow can be seen.

    But much heavier snow is likely to be further east, according to AccuWeather Senior meteorologist Alex Sosnowski.

  • ‘Remarkable storm’

    The storm can be a remarkable storm.

    “Confidence is growing that a major hurricane will deliver widespread effects” AccuWeather Meteorologist Alex DaSilva talks about winter storm Quinlan. Winter Storm Quinlan Path Tracker LIVE – Tornado threat warning as bomb tornadoes and ice storms hit US this weekend


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