Windjammers 2: All Super Attacks, Ranked

It is a fake fighting game, Windjammers 2 niche has super-official attacks known as “power toss”. You can perform these attacks in two ways: by charging them after blocking, or by using your meter (which charges during the match). These unique specials really help to give Windjammers 2 so much of its character.

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You’ll likely rely heavily on these power-ups at first, but you’ll soon realize that they’re not all created equal. Once you’ve fully learned the effects of each character’s super attacks, you’ll be able to effectively defend against them. However, even then, some of these attacks will still remain a threat even if you know how to deal with them.

H. Mita’s Power Throw – Somehow worse than a normal throw

Windjammers 2: Mita performs her Power Toss

This is by far the worst power-ups to unleash in the game. It was so bad it wasn’t clear what it was even supposed to do. It appears as a slow moving wave and is easily intercepted. Honestly, it’s a worse shot than just a standard quick throw.

Just being in the vicinity of this blockbuster seems like enough to capture it. It’s slow, incredibly predictable, and if the opponent isn’t sitting on goal, there won’t be enough counterattacks to do anything. Maybe it’s broken? Whatever the reason, it’s still standing this is a super poor attack.

The Power of G. Scott – Too slow to justify

Windjammers 2: Scott performs his Power Toss

Oh boy, slow and predictable? It’s two for one! This power toss caused Scott to tear the plate from side to side. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have much speed behind it, and it’s very, very predictable.

Of all the powerups unleashed in the game, this is one of the worst. All your opponent has to do is hover in the middle of their field, and it will come right to them. It is probably still better than Mita but only to a small extent.

L. Biaggi’s Power – Predictability is its power

Windjammers 2: Biaggi performs her Power Toss

For his power, Biaggi throws the disc so that it spins in the direction of the target. The circle gets wider the closer it gets to the target. Unfortunately for Biaggi, it’s very slow. Furthermore, the circle is tight enough that all your opponent has to do is rush to the center, and they should be able to easily break the super attack before it becomes a threat.

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One benefit of this is that if you see your opponent rushing, you’ll have the ideal chance to throw a special hammer, which lands close to the target and possibly catches the opponent off guard. However, outside of this ostentatious approach, this is just a bad force.

S. Ho Power Toss – A stealthy masterpiece

Windjammers 2: Ho performed his Power Toss

Ho’s EX attack is great at getting through unfamiliar players, but other than that, it’s a bit too unpredictable to be effective in the long term. It will appear high or low, then partially during its flight it will appear opposite where it was before.

So if it’s currently going high, just go low, and you’ll catch it every now and then. You can also catch it early right at the midline if you’re feeling really hot, but that’s pretty dangerous. Once you’ve captured this attack, it simply doesn’t pose much of a threat.

J. Raposa’s Power Toss – A Solid Super

Windjammers 2: Raposa performs her Power Toss

Raposa’s powerful throw sent the saucer flying through the wall (like Miller’s masterpiece), only to curve when it reached the end of the field and bounced into the center of the goal area.

Once you get used to this super attack, you can focus on defending the center area, as that is always the destination of the disk, however this is a relatively fast super attack so you can completely make the opponent The player caught off guard and sneaked in. by them. Overall, it would probably be more effective when used with unfamiliar but somewhat gimmicky players for real long-term utility.

S. Delys’ Power Throw – Almost Excellent

Windjammers 2: Delys performs his Power Toss

If the warm-up doesn’t take that long, this can be an incredibly powerful force. However, it will freeze on the screen for a few seconds, which gives your opponent quite a bit of time to prepare for what’s to come.

Once it starts, it’s very fast. So, if you have good positioning, you can completely miss the opponent. However, if your opponent is ready, you may run the risk of having your super attack reversed. It is probably best used sparingly.

S. Miller’s Power Toss – Very helpful

Windjammers 2: Miller performs his Power Toss

Miller’s power isn’t particularly hard to predict, but it’s fast enough that even knowing it in advance is likely to overtake you. When it goes in one direction, it will be locked.

This means the opponent must confirm whether it is going high or low and furiously rush in that direction to block it. If you’re slow in your jump, you probably won’t get there in time. It’s even more useful when you’re playing on one of the larger stages.

The Power of J. Costa – Fast and Efficient

Windjammers 2: Costa performs his Power Toss

This is a very fast throwing power. Costa’s masterpiece saw him throw a disc in a zigzag pattern. Although the pattern is not overly complicated, the throw is very quick. It can also go straight to the center of the target, giving you a very real chance of getting the maximum score in most levels (unlike supers like Miller, which always hits the corner).

Overall, this looks like a real super-threat attack. Even if you’re fully aware of what it does, it can totally sneak past you and is one of Costa’s best properties.

K. Wessel’s Power Toss – Does this guy need this super nice thing?

Windjammers 2: Wessel performs his Power Toss

This will be an easy card to score points when used with new players. You can choose to send disks along the north or south walls. When it gets close to the target, it will suddenly turn 90 degrees, go to the center, make another 90 degree turn and go straight to the center of the goal.

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It is very similar to Raposa’s throwing power; The big difference between the two attacks is that Wessel’s is faster. This ultimately makes it the better attack. It’s actually fast enough to be quite usable even when the opponent knows its pattern, especially if you catch them being too aggressive and embracing the mid lane.

H. Max – Super effective

Windjammers 2: Max performs his Power Toss

Max does a spin and brings the spinning disc towards the center of the screen before it swings to the side of the arena. It can certainly be interrupted, especially when it’s more in the center of the playing field, but once it starts it’s pretty quick and very likely to put you straight into your target.

Overall, this one is pretty good. Just the way the shaking screen makes this move feel appropriately strong. Use it sparingly and combine it with the special throwing hammer, and you’ll absolutely get some points with it.

Disc Man’s Power Toss – A Bubbly Blitz

Windjammers 2: Disc Man performing his Power Toss

Disc Man drops the disc and it becomes two waves of bubbles moving rapidly across the screen. One represents the plate, the other as the bait. Players can choose which one by holding up or down as they perform the power toss. Honestly, between the speed and the overwhelming amount of visual stimulation, this is a difficult one to keep track of. Can your opponent guess them more often than not.

Disc Man has one of the easier to use apps, Super strong attacks, strongest in the game. If this attack has a downside, it can easily get hung up on one of the obstacles if you’re not careful with your placement. However, this super product will make your opponent stand on tiptoe.

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