Will Massimo and Laura get back together?

365 days: This day now streaming on Netflix! The highly anticipated 2020 Polish adult thriller sequel has just arrived on the streaming service and fans have already watched the film enough to make it #1 on the Netflix Top 10.

Spoilers ahead for 365 days: This day

In the sequel, Laura and Massimo’s relationship is put to the test. The two eventually get married and seem very happy together until the cracks in their relationship begin to show. Laura quickly grows tired of being a typical housewife and finds Massimo’s controlling antics tiresome.

Things get more complicated when Laura meets Nacho, rumored to be a hired gardener, with whom Laura forms an instant relationship. Of course, there are a lot of twists and turns in the film.

Whether you’re not watching the movie or just want to find out what happened, we answer the top storyline questions below.

365 Days: This Day Spoilers: Is Laura Dating Nacho?

Sorry to the Massimo/Laura fans, but after seeing Massimo sleeping with his ex Anna, Laura flees and runs straight into Nacho’s waiting arms. Nacho kidnaps her to a romantic house in Greece owned by his father. But all is not as it seems!

365 Days: This Day Spoilers: Did Massimo Cheat On Laura?

We later find out that Massimo did it not Cheating on Laura. It was actually his evil twin brother Adriano (also played by Morrone) who schemed with Anna and… you know, Nacho’s father!

365 Days: Today Spoilers: Who is Nacho?

The second twist (well, kind of a twist, most people probably knew this from the books or even the synopsis) is that Nacho isn’t just a gardener hired for Massimo. He is actually Macelo “Nacho” Matos, the son of powerful mafia boss Don Fernando Matos. The Matos family is another rival of Massimo and his family business.

The original plan was for Nacho to kidnap Laura, but that wasn’t necessary in the end. Nacho reportedly has genuine feelings for her as the two get together while she’s away. It’s the final straw when Laura finds out the truth.

We find out that Nacho’s father wants Massimo to make Adriano the head of his mafia family because Don Matos knows it’s much easier to control Adriano. They also confirm that they were behind the assassination attempt on Laura at the end of the first film and it was intended as a warning that Massimo ignored.

Nacho takes Laura to meet his family, but she is kidnapped by the wrong person and ends up in the hands of Adriano and Anna.

365 Days: This Day Spoilers: Is Laura Really Dead?

The second film ends similarly to the first film, with Laura’s fate hanging in the balance. A dramatic shootout between Massimo, Adriano, Anna and Nacho leaves Anna, Adriano and Laura’s lives at stake. All three are shot and fall to the ground. Massimo immediately cradles Laura’s fallen body and the film ends there.

It’s very doubtful that Laura is dead since a third movie is coming and she doesn’t die in the books. However, the films deviate from the source material. Still, I doubt it. It will be interesting to see if Anna and/or Adriano survive as they were the main antagonists in this film. If they live, will they return to cause further harm to Laura and Massimo?

My theory is that Laura survives and loses her memory. Then Massimo and Nacho have to vie for their love in the third film. I mean, they’ve already pulled out the “evil twin brother” twist, why not another famous soap opera trope?

365 Days: This Day Spoilers: Are Massimo And Laura Getting Back Together?

Unfortunately for fans desperately supporting this couple, Massimo and Laura don’t find their way back to each other in this film. I mean not really. But at least by the end of the film, Laura finds out that Massimo didn’t cheat on her, and Massimo also finds out that Laura lost her unborn baby (how did Adriano even know?). So if she survives and remembers everything, the couple will have much to talk about.

https://netflixlife.com/2022/04/28/365-days-this-day-spoilers-ending-explained-massimo-laura/ Will Massimo and Laura get back together?

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