Will China invade Taiwan?

The Russo-Ukrainian war has captured the world’s attention, but concerns about Taiwan’s safety have grown.

US military and intelligence delegations have been sent to Taiwan amid concerns about China use the distraction of the Russians to launch an attack.

China puts military on high alert in October 2021 targeting Taiwan


China puts military on high alert in October 2021 targeting TaiwanCredit: Getty

Will China invade Taiwan?

The political status of Taiwan has been a hot topic since the Second World War.

China views Taiwan as a province that will eventually be returned to mainland rule, but Taiwan maintains its independence.

China’s military presence grows around Taiwan and Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen has put his military on high alert.

Fears of an impending invasion were raised, in part, by good relations between China and Russia.

China did not denounce the actions of Russian President Putin and no sanctions have been introduced.

Surname abstain from voting from a UN vote condemned the invasion, along with India and 32 other countries.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi warned the US not to “add fuel to the fire” in Ukraine.

What happened between China and Taiwan?

Taiwan is a small island off the coast of China that was placed under the rule of the Republic of China (ROC) at the end of World War II.

After the Chinese Civil War in 1949, the Republic of China withdrew from mainland China to Taiwan.

The People’s Republic of China (PRC) was established and officially replaced the Republic of China in 1971, but the Republic of China still holds areas around China.

The people of Taiwan democratically elected Ms. Tsai Ing-wen as President of the Republic of China, the island’s first female president.

Both the Republic of China and the People’s Republic of China claim sovereignty over Taiwan and other islands around China.

If they were to reunify – under the idea of ​​’one China’ – then the Republic of China would have to be dissolved and Taiwan ruled by the People’s Republic of China.

Is Taiwan part of NATO?

International organizations are hesitant to recognize Taiwan’s sovereignty.

The World Health Organization, the Olympics and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) do not officially recognize Taiwan as its own country.

Current 30 NATO membersincluding the UK and the US, but China has no membership.

Only 15 countries, including Vatican City, consider Taiwan a separate country from China.

The United States recognized Taiwan for 30 years but changed this official status in 1979.

They still maintain a positive relationship and have sent military support and assistance to the island. Will China invade Taiwan?


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