Why should striking rail and postal workers get a big raise while our pay packages remain flat or worse?

PLEASE say it’s not the 1970s again? What’s going on in our country?

A government that seems to know it’s on its way out. Sky high inflation. strikes. Unions threaten us. Union leaders are becoming household names again. And politicians who side with the strikers.

Please say it's not the 1970's again with all those strikes


Please say it’s not the 1970’s again with all those strikesPhoto credit: LNP
If Rishi wants to get Britain on the mend ahead of the next election, he'll have to give hell to the unions


If Rishi wants to get Britain on the mend ahead of the next election, he’ll have to give hell to the unionsCredit: Alamy

It all seems so abstract – until it’s not anymore.

How many of us now have to reconsider our Christmas plans when we realize that the railway unions have really decided to go on strike over Christmas and ruin the plans of hard-working Brits? Just in time for the first “normal” Christmas in years.

As many of us last minute gift shoppers are beginning to realize that ‘last minute’ means early December this year thanks to postal strikes.

All of this and much more will paralyze our country like a power outage. And what are our politicians doing?

Well, the Labor Party is still keen to keep their union paymasters on their side. So they’re actually trying to protect the strikers

‘Moderate’ Sir Keir Starmer and friends refuse to back new anti-strike legislation.

Labor, with its obnoxious and foul-mouthed deputy Angela Rayner, is siding with the outrageous demands of the strikers. Why are the claims outrageous?

Because this country has historic national debt and there simply isn’t any money to pay the unions what they’re asking.

Why should they get a raise anyway? The rest of us are left to watch as our pay packets stagnate and worse, are eaten up by inflation.

Why should rail and postal workers expect wage increases above inflation? Have they been particularly brilliant lately?

I do not think so. Instead, delays and disruptions are the order of the day. And I don’t see why that should be rewarded.

Of course, in normal times, a conservative prime minister would oppose it.

Were Margaret Thatcher around, she would be the terror of these greedy slackers (sorry, strikers).

But she isn’t. Instead, the Conservative Party has once again given us a leader who has yet to prove he can lead.

I admire Rishi Sunak for at least trying to pass anti-strike laws. But he has to go much further. He must show that Britain cannot – and must not – be blackmailed by the unions.

If Ms T. were in charge, she would be at the front, beating up the strikers, telling them what she was going to do to them and getting the country on her side.

But where is Mr S.? So far, Sunak has made a few appearances at Prime Minister’s Questions. But where is his great effort to mobilize the country against these greedy union extremists?

Bring hell to the unions

He can be visible if he wants. Indeed, when he jets off to COP27 with other world leaders to explain how we should paralyze our energy needs, he is very visible.

But this country has a number of much more pressing priorities than enjoying high-level summits.

Back home, while traveling abroad, Labor tries to eat his lunch to these international shindigs.

Just think about what Labor Shadow Cabinet Secretary Lisa Nandy said this week. “Everywhere you go now you have the feeling that Britain isn’t working.”

It pains me to say this, but she’s right. And it is nobody who causes this.

Rishi Sunak arrived at number 10 with a very full inbox on the national and international stage.

But he has a very short time (less than two years) to show he can turn things around. And if there’s one thing most important to turn back, it’s the whiff of national decline.

Nothing – absolutely nothing – spells wear off more than punches.

Filmmakers know this. Watch a film like Mrs Harris Goes To Paris and you can see how the filmmakers are trying to portray France in the 1950s.

What stands out? garbage is on strike. The fact that in Paris the characters have to tiptoe around mountains of stinky uncollected garbage.

It’s the same in every era. If you want to show a country that’s down, focus on the things that aren’t working.

Britain should be a booming country in the 2020s. We should be dynamic, exciting, full of ambition and zest for action.

But if things continue like this, the filmmakers of the future will paint a very different picture.

Britain in the 2020s is shown as a nation whose Christmas parcels could not arrive in the post, nor could they be delivered in person.

So, Rishi, you can ride with us. Or you can give the unions hell. your movement.

https://www.the-sun.com/news/6875635/rail-postal-strikes-pay-get-britain-working/ Why should striking rail and postal workers get a big raise while our pay packages remain flat or worse?


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