Why is Shopify Development So Successful

Programmer and founder Tobias Lutke emigrated to Canada in 2006. The German wanted to sell snowboards online in his new home. Since he could not find any shop software that met his requirements, he simply programmed the missing sales platform himself. For many young developers, such a project is a test for the nerves and experience for life. Not so for Tobias Lutke, he is now head of 5000 employees, billionaire and his software Shopify operates 1.7 million shops.

Shopify is unique

Shopify differs from over 200 different competitors because it is very easy and very fast to use. This is what makes the tool so attractive for e-commerce newcomers. But it is so ingeniously constructed that it can grow with increased demands. Even absolute professionals such as Gymshark, Kylie Cosmetics, Netflix, Freeletics, Babbel remain loyal to the platform.

Attractive administrative area

Products are easily duplicated, uploading CSV files is child’s play. You can also make products very easy to SEO-compatible. With the order status page, you keep everything under control and have an overview. The Facebook Shopping connection, for example, which is not included in the theme package, can be reordered in the integrated App Store. From another 3000 professional tools, necessary additions, often free of charge, can be integrated into the shop from there.

Shipping is easy to set up and manage, apps to DPD, DHL and various other providers allow shipping from receipt of order to label printing to send the tracking number as much as possible.

Shopify just thinks along

Many who already have a shop will know it: mass processing of products is frighteningly often an issue. Here you would like the shop manufacturers to offer a solution that is not editing via the database, but is still quick and easy to use.

Shopify uses a kind of Excel sheet here. You select any number of products for editing and can then select which values should be changed. A classic is the price field. Once you have made all the price changes, you save and wait. The more products there are, the longer it takes, but after a few minutes all products have the new prices. If this is too complex for you, there is of course also CSV export/import, which you can then upload and play out as you wish. Or you can use the help of shopify development services by Digitalsuits.

Shopify POS

Shopify’s POS system connects to stationary retailers and makes Shopify doubly attractive to operators of physical shops. Other online sales (via Amazon, eBay, or Instagram) can be connected directly or via apps.

Shopify earns something from every sale you make in your shop by processing the payment for your shop and thus has a sincere interest in you “bringing your shop to work”. In addition, Shopify is already extremely optimized for loading times by default, due to the Dawn theme released in 2021. The Shopify Dawn theme is so fast that even many individually developed Shopify themes can no longer keep up. Small traders have never been offered such a technically sophisticated solution.

Shopify’s conditions for merchants

First of all, it is important that the system can be tested for free for 14 days. With the test shops, you can do pretty much everything apart from installing paid apps & accepting payments.

If you have extensively tested the software and gained your first experience with Shopify, you can switch to a paid package. Here you have the choice between:

Basic Shopify for $29 a monthShopify for $79 a monthAdvanced Shopify for $299 a monthShopify Plus on $2000 a month (as of 01/2022).

In addition, there are costs for payment processing, which start with Basic Shopify at 2.4% and then become smaller and smaller with the larger packages. This means that the costs are approximately at the level of the payment providers PayPal and Amazon Pay, which you can also activate in your shop. Shopify Payments, the in-house payment solution, by the way, supports credit card, Klarna “pay later” (purchase on account), Sofort (immediate transfer), SEPA direct debit, Apple Pay and Shop Pay. 


With Shopify, Digitalsuits is convinced, a user-friendly shop platform is available that grows with business success for more than the next 2 years. The use in almost all countries is possible, as well as many, even exotic user languages can be selected. The cost-benefit ratio can be individually designed by selecting appropriate packages and is very good for every shop size. As a shop operator, you will certainly have more fun than with any other shop software.

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