Why is Albert Wesker splashing blood?

Albert Wesker is an enigmatic figure in resident Evil (played by the excellent Lance Reddick), who is often seen injecting himself with his twin daughters’ blood. Why is he doing it?

Spoilers ahead for resident Evil season 1

I can imagine you would be pretty freaked out if you found out your father injected himself with your blood, so you can imagine how Billie and Jade react to this development.

We see Albert draw blood from them and inject himself as early as episode 1, but the reasons for this are not revealed until much later in the season, along with some other shocking revelations.

Resident Evil: Why is Albert Wesker injecting himself with Jade and Billie’s blood?

in the resident Evil Episode 7 we find out that the Albert Wesker we know is actually a clone of the original Albert Wesker (from the games). As a clone, Albert underwent rapid aging, going from 0 to 20 years in less than six months. This type of rapid cell growth causes all sorts of nasty problems and complications, including cancer and tons of other things.

Albert gets sick and weak from time to time and then he injects the blood. But lately he’s been sicker than usual and needs injections every day instead of just once a week or so before that. We also find out that he genetically engineered Jade and Billie’s blood to be a cure for him.

Why doesn’t Bert need blood injections?

One thing the show doesn’t address is that Bert doesn’t appear to have the same illness as Albert. Bert is kept locked away by Umbrella for years and he didn’t even know Albert had daughters or where he was. So how was he kept alive? It’s possible Umbrella just used some of her blood on Bert without him knowing, but it doesn’t seem likely.

The other possibility is that Albert is an original clone and the other clones received a more perfected version of the DNA so they wouldn’t suffer from the same flaws. It’s not really clear, or it’s another mystery that hasn’t been solved yet.

However, in the 2036 timeline, Billie says that her “father”, who would have to be Bert since Albert was dead by that point, had died while Jade was away. Maybe he’s sick and it didn’t really affect him until later.

https://netflixlife.com/2022/07/14/netflix-resident-evil-why-does-albert-wesker-inject-himself-with-blood/ Why is Albert Wesker splashing blood?

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