Why are sloths slow?

THIS adorable yet funny-looking creatures have made the rainforests of Central and South America their home.

Sloths are quite solitary and spend most of their day cruising in the trees in search of food and shelter.

Sloths live a pretty lonely life


Sloths live a pretty lonely lifeCredit: BBC

Why are sloths slow?

Sloths are notoriously slow; In fact, these adorable animals move an average of 41 feet per day, which is less than half the length of a football field. WWF.

This is because they have an extremely low metabolic rate, which means they move at a sluggish rate.

What do sloths eat?

When sloths are not busy looking for shelter, they like to seek out nutritious meals.

They like to eat leaves, twigs and shoots.

Sloths don’t have front teeth, so they trim the leaves by pressing their lips together.

With a low metabolic rate, they can survive on relatively small amounts of food.

What can take hours to digest for other animals will take days.

They also spend 15 hours of the day snoozing.

They have a low body temperature of about 86°F-93°F and move in and out of the shade to regulate their temperature.

These long-armed creatures are also excellent swimmers and have been known to occasionally drop from treetops into the water to paddle.

There are two types of sloths – two-toed and three-legged – and six species.

Are sloths dangerous?

Based on Natience, sloths are not dangerous to humans as long as they are left in their natural habitat.

If threatened, they will use their long claws to attack and cause severe damage.

They can also bite and are known to carry diseases harmful to humans.

They are also known to carry the coat of mosquitoes, which can be transmitted to humans.

Where do sloths live?

Sloths spend most of their time high up in trees and are mainly found in Central and South America.

They only come down once a week to relieve themselves, according to WWF.

Trees and canopy provide natural protection from predators such as jaguars and eagles.

Sadly, their habitat is threatened by deforestation in South American countries like Brazil. Why are sloths slow?


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