Who is Mark Twitchell and why is he called the Dexter Killer?

KILLER Mark Twitchell has become known as the Dexter Killer due to his obsession with the TV show.

Cops say his fascination with the fictional TV killer has carried over to his real-life crimes.

Cops say killer Mark Twitchell is obsessed with TV show Dexter


Cops say killer Mark Twitchell is obsessed with TV show DexterCredit: 48 hours

Who is Mark Twitchell?

Mark Andrew Twitchell was born on July 4, 1979 in Edmonton, Alberta, worked as a Canadian filmmaker and was convicted of first-degree murder in April 2011.

In 2000 he graduated from the Radio and Television Arts program at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

In 2007, Twitchell directed Star Wars: Secrets of the Rebellion, a feature-length fan film prequel to Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

Twitchell’s film was never released.

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Twitchell posed as a woman on dating site Plenty of Fish and arranged to meet John Altinger, 38, on October 10, 2008.

Altinger, thinking he was meeting a woman, was lured into Twitchell’s “Killroom” in his garage-turned-film studio.

Twitchell stabbed and bludgeoned his victim before dismembering him and partially burning the body.

Altinger’s remains were placed in garbage bags and dumped in a storm sewer.

Concerns about Altinger’s safety were raised when they received an email claiming to be from him, stating that his date had taken him on an extended trip to Costa Rica.

His friends, who broke into his home and found no evidence he had packed for a vacation, alerted the police.

While not a suspect at first, Twitchell told police an improbable story that Altinger had sold him his Mazda 6 for C$40.

Not believing this story, the police confiscated Twitchell’s laptop and car, and found Altinger’s blood in the trunk of the car.

Police officers arrested Twitchell on October 31, 2008 and charged him with first degree murder.

Twitchell wrote numerous letters to investigative reporter Steve Lillibuen.

Lillibuen told CBS News that he found Johnny Altinger’s killer very responsive to letter writing.

“He probably wrote me 30 or 35 different letters — up to about 350 pages…worth like a whole book,” the investigative journalist said.

“I killed Johnny Altinger in a horrific self-defense accident. After briefly putting aside my human feelings, I disrespected his remains, which forever traumatized me,” Lillibuen said upon reading one of Twitchell’s letters.

Twitchell had attempted to lure another victim into his killing room earlier this month.

When Gilles Tetreault was about to meet his online date named “Sheena” at the set location of Twitchell’s garage, he was attacked by Twitchell wearing a hockey mask.

Tetreault fought back in a fierce struggle and escaped the horrific scene, but did not report the attack until he saw the hockey mask at a police press conference following Altinger’s death.

Why is Mark Twitchell called the Dexter Killer?

Both Lillebuen and police say Twitchell’s fascination with TV killer Dexter Morgan carried over to his real-life crimes.

His interest in the show was sparked numerous times during his trial.

“He had a killing room set up with plastic sheeting. He had a table set up for his victims,” ​​said Lillebuen.

“He had this type of processing kit that was very similar to what Dexter uses.”

The day after Twitchell was arrested in connection with Altinger’s death, police found a suspiciously deleted file on Twitchell’s computer labeled “SK Confessions”.

In the document, the killer wrote about his killing room, stating that it contained “several rolls of painter’s plastic wrap” and a 45-gallon steel drum “for the body parts,” as well as a “game processing kit” with several different knives and a serrated saw “for the bones.” .

Twitchell was sentenced to life imprisonment in April 2011


Twitchell was sentenced to life imprisonment in April 2011Credit: 48 hours

Where is Mark Twitchell now?

In April 2011, Twitchell was found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 25 years.

He is still in federal prison in Saskatchewan.

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In May 2013, the National Post reported that Twitchell had purchased a television for his prison cell.

Twitchell stated that he has caught up on every Dexter episode he has missed since his arrest and conviction. Who is Mark Twitchell and why is he called the Dexter Killer?


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