Whitehall needed the worst economic crisis in a generation to wake up

Reality bites

can it be true Has reality finally dawned on Downing Street?

We’re told to be ready for a campfire of exactly the kind of nanny-state bilge The Sun abhors — and for the very reason we’re against it: that it raises the cost of living even further, especially for those who can least afford it.

The proposed ban on buy-one-get-one-frees faces the axe


The proposed ban on buy-one-get-one-frees faces the axeCredit: Alamy

It is obscene that it took the worst economic crisis in a generation to wake up Whitehall. That means they knew long ago how punitive these policies are for the low earners, but didn’t care.

We live in a different world now. And now, for starters, the proposed ban on buy-one-get-one-frees faces the axe.

Do you remember when obesity was our biggest health crisis? Now millions worldwide have died from a virus. Putin is waging a mad war in Europe and has set its neighbor on fire.

Inflation and energy bills are skyrocketing, forcing the low paid – in Britain in 2022 – to skip meals and shiver in the dark.

So, yeah, let’s keep enjoying delicious half-price snacks every now and then.

While you’re at it, put George Osborne’s idiotic soda levy behind you, which would never reduce obesity but would certainly raise bills.

And – as Boris Johnson’s No. 1 adviser, Steve Barclay, instructs every government department – forego all the other red tape that makes families’ lives more difficult and expensive.

It may have once seemed awfully urgent to haughty, middle-class Downing Street advisers.

But that was before an apocalyptic plague, a nuclear-armed lunatic, and economic catastrophe shattered our complacency.

pump lumps

WE know Transport Secretary Grant Shapps now has an electric car – but has he forgotten what it’s like to be at the mercy of greedy oil companies?

For most drivers, his advice to “look around” and boycott petrol stations without passing on the 5p fuel tax cut is dead on.

In much of the UK, petrol stations are so scarce you could drive miles to compare prices. Which would wipe out any savings. Besides, who has time?

The fact is that the government should protect drivers. If the chancellor lowers the fuel tax, prices are guaranteed to drop everywhere.

Years ago, The Sun backed FairFuel’s idea of ​​an Ofgem-style pumpwatch regulator to ensure prices fall following a tax cut or drop in wholesale costs.

We’re still waiting. But that, Mr Shapps, is what we need – not your breezy advice.

Ibupro Fancy

SWEARING reduces pain, researchers say.

And patients should be encouraged to allow four-letter swear words during physio sessions.

Which is a bit damn embarrassing.

We assumed it was already funded. Whitehall needed the worst economic crisis in a generation to wake up


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