Whitehall is insanely inefficient – how can they be shocked by the public sector job cuts?

The Shirk Force

IT is a disaster that the only worker who is essential to the smooth functioning of the country is insanely inefficient and yet has such grotesque entitlement.

The screeching from Whitehall over the plan to cut 91,000 public sector jobs to generate billions for tax cuts is deafening.

Brits hit by scandalous DVLA and passport delays


Brits hit by scandalous DVLA and passport delaysPhoto credit: Getty

It would still only bring the numbers down to 2016 levels, barely the apocalypse. But what did they expect?

Two years plagued by Covid have made them feel comfortable at home and dodged the stressful and expensive commute.

Then, instead of accepting the inevitable return to the office, they double down on not only insisting on the right to work from home forever, but even demanding doing it ABROAD if they so choose.

Some claim they are more productive at home. Tell that to a public hit by scandalous DVLA and passport delays.

This is a ‘blob’ of dogged anti-Tories to coveted pay and pension deals that the private sector can only dream of.

But they demand an even more comfortable life through their union.

Talk about leading with your chin.

Brussels pout

“You signed the deal. Live with it.” Is that really the only argument the EU and its Remainer cronies have against Northern Ireland?

Your blind irritation will not solve the problem. The protocol agreed as part of Brexit is repugnant to a large Unionist population and renders the place ungovernable.

Given its history, no one should ignore that.

The Tories had little choice but to sign the 2019 deal to get Brexit over the line, end the Remainers’ cynical paralysis of Parliament and quell growing anger among 17.4 million thwarted Leavers.

But thanks to Brussels’ intransigence, it’s not working. It may be an international treaty – but it needs to be codified or sorted. The status quo is not an option.

This annoys the EU and its fans. But their motives are disingenuous and their anger betrays them: Protocol is not an honest attempt to keep the peace.

More of a ruse to effectively keep part of the UK in the EU despite Brexit.

No wonder they can’t bear to lose it.

Meddle Winner

THE Sun has always said that half-price supermarket deals are crucial for the low-income.

That didn’t cut ice with £82,000-a-year MPs – or the big city obesity obsessives who would prefer people to be miserably poor than overweight.

But we congratulate the government on finally making sense and abandoning both its looming ban on buy-one-get-one-frees – and the pre-9pm screening of junk food ads.

I've been to Love Island and there are four HUGE things the show bans from TV
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Neither would have worked anyway.

But why did rising inflation and real hardship have to set in before this supposedly conservative government reluctantly stopped interfering in our lives? Whitehall is insanely inefficient – how can they be shocked by the public sector job cuts?


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