Where to find Zealots right branch ordering members in AC: Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla filled with lush areas to explore, gifts to collect and of course, enemies that are hard to clash with. Some of the toughest take the form of the fervors, a unique, powerful subset of the ancient Order of Warriors scattered across large swaths of England. This total number of zealots 15 (eight above left bracket in the Order of the Ancients menu, and seven above right bracket).

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Most Dual Swordsmen are hard to beat, as they often boast strength, solid defenses, and erratic, quick moves. Even locating some of them alone can be trickier than you think, as most roam on horseback. This guide will highlight the basic Zealot positions and details, focusing only on right branch of the Order menu.


image separation of Assassins Creed Valhalla Zealot Redwalda location on the map

One of the earliest zealots that can be found in the game, Redwalda can be seen riding along the path of Ledecestrescire region, roughly in central-eastern part of England. She usually patrols the main road only to north of the Abbey of Alcestre in Veronis. You should be able to spot her by hanging out near the river.

She can be tough despite her relatively weak strength level, as she holds a large, unbreakable shield and attack with long spears. She also went bankrupt offspring, can wreak havoc on Eivor fairly quickly if left unprepared.

  • The suggested power for this area is just 20, but Redwalda’s strength is 90.


location of Assassins Creed Valhalla Zealot Eorforwine on the map

Eorforwine can be found riding in the northern part of Grantebridgescire region. Specifically, she is venturing on the roads to to the southeast of Medeshamstede Monastery, right across the river.

This Zealot also comes with a tough, unbreakable shield and attacks with poison grenade. Adding insult to injury, she also heal her with rations at different times.

  • The recommended power source for the area is 20, but the strength of Eorforwine stands 90.


A split image of the location of Assassin's Creed Valhalla Cola on the map

This Zealandot loves water, as the fighter adventure along the river on horseback in area far southeast of Eurvicscire. Another possible point lies along border of Lincolnshire and the North East of Ledecestre. Specifically, you can take the road located southwest of Templebrough Fort near the River Soar.

Unlike most zealots, Cola’s support extends far beyond brawls, sports bow and arrow and attack with offspring, while sometimes healing with rations.

  • The recommended power in Lincolnscire is 160, while Ledecestre is 20, and Eurvicscire stood at 190. This is the entire map, so to speak, keep in mind the area where you fight Cola. Zealot’s strength stands in 90.

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Image separation of the location of Assassin's Creed Valhalla Zealot Wuffa on the map

Wuffa can be found in The Sciropescire region of East Anglia, often wander on the main road located east of Theotford Forest, as well as a little north of Theotford.

This Zealot uses a deadly long love, making her a threat from both close and mid range. This is made even more dangerous by her ability ignite her spear.

  • The suggested power in this area is 55, while Wuffa’s strength stood at 160.


A split image of the location of Assassin's Creed Valhalla Zealot Wealdmaer on the map

Wealdmaer can be found lurking in The Sciropescire region, normally on one of the main roads only north of the Hill Gate Ruins, and a short distance west of Wenlocan Monastery. It lies on the border of a corner of northwest England.

This Zealot can be difficult to take down, as he is very agile and erratic in attacks and dodges. He also wields a long, deadly stick love.

  • The suggested power in this area is 130, while Zealot’s own strength is 160.


a split image of the location of Assassin's Creed Valhalla Zealot Beorhtsige on the map

This powerful zealot can be spotted riding along one of the roads in Glowecestrescire area, only with to the northwest of a synchronization point. If you are unsure of where to wait for him, a safe bet is the convergence of four paths lying to the southeast of Thieves ‘Warren, as he is known to use this intersection quite a bit.

Beorhtsige has a few tricks up his sleeve, fighting for a long time love, toss flash grenade disorient you, and fire equipment close together to continue to deal damage over time.

  • The recommended strength for this area is 220, while Redbeard Zealot himself has a huge number 280 strength.


A split image of the location of Assassin's Creed Valhalla Zealot Callin on the map

This tough zealot roams on horseback along one of the streets in Grantebridgescire region, just west of Eurvicscire. More specifically, he usually hides in an area east of Northumbria, south of the Derwent River.

Callin wields a powerful greatsword attached toxic, and combine this with Poison grenades and poison arrows. This brutal damage over time, coupled with his fast pace, can make him a tough opponent, so plan accordingly.

  • The suggested strength for this area is 190, while Callin himself has a 280 strength.

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