Where to Find Sparrows in Red Dead Online

There are three varieties of Sparrow in Red Dead Online and we’re here to help you find them all.

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The sparrow is a common bird in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online. There are three known variants of the Sparrow throughout the wild west: American, Eurasian, and Golden Sparrows. Despite slight differences in appearance, they all yield the same plumage, game meat, and tradable carcass.

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All three varieties of Sparrow can be found in similar habitat types throughout the central and northern regions of the American West. You’ll also probably see some crossing into areas northeast of New Austin. The following is Sparrow’s best slots in RDR2 and RDO.

The best sparrow location

Sparrow Map Locations Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Guide

New Austin

  • Sparrows are uncommon in New Austin. You can sometimes find them in the southern region of MacFarlane’s Farm or west of the farm.
  • The eastern half of Stillwater Creek There may also be a kick or two about.
  • Thieve’s Landing and the Island just to the north is inhabited by the Sparrows.

West Elizabeth

  • You can usually spot the Sparrows to the west and east of Quaker’s Cove in the Great Plains of West Elizabeth.
  • The shores of Black water is a promising location, as are land spots to the south and northwest of town.
  • The border land between the Great Plains and Tall Trees is well worth exploring, then reset your course to the west around Outpost Manzanita.
  • NS Aurora Basin is a busy watering hole for all kinds of wildlife, including Sparrows.
  • You will find some Sparrows along Upper Montana River if you go downstream, mainly along the northern border of the Great Plains.
  • You can usually find Sparrows near the north and west coasts of Owanjila.
  • Town of Strawberry known for having a small population of Sparrows.
  • You can also find them around The rest of Monto’s.
  • Sparrows were seen all over the surrounding lands Riggs . Station. Check the west, east and southeast of the station.
  • There are several points throughout the area north of the Great Valley, mainly along Little Creek River.



  • Scam from West Elizabeth, you’ll often see Sparrow heading towards Cattail Pond.
  • The sparrows have spawned around the railroad tracks to the southwest of Pass . Granite.
  • Either side of Calumet Ravine and go down Donner Falls provides good Sparrow scenes.
  • You can spot Sparrows at certain points along the railway leads through Grizzlies East.
  • O’Creagh’s Run However, that is usually a better bet.
  • Moonstone Pond is also another wildlife center for Sparrows.
  • From the southeast corner of the state, go up The eastern border of Ambardino to detect the habitat of the Largest Sparrow in the Grizzlies East.

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New revenue

  • Flying over the Ambardino border, the Sparrows were seen along the Kamassa River between Brandywine Drop and Annesburg.
  • Go northeastern shore of Roanoke Ridge along the top stretch of the Lanahechee River for some of the most remote sparrow hunts.
  • You will meet more Sparrows by following the shore of Lanahechee River down south to Van Horn Commercial Post Office.
  • Sparrows dot the ground all over the southern region of Roanoke Ridge, but some key areas to re-examine are along the banks of the Lanahechee River, the Kamassa River in the central-south part, and the road that runs from north to south through west of the area.
  • Are from Heartland Overflow and Emeralds . Farm, New Hanover’s Largest Sparrow’s habitat is scattered beneath the Heartland Oil Fields.
  • Sparrows were seen perched on top Citadel stone.
  • NS Dakota River It’s almost a one-time safari for all the wildlife, including the Sparrow.
  • Sparrows spans the entire southern region of The Heartlands along the north shore of the flat Iron Lake from the Bard Cross to the Lemoyne Border.


  • By roaming across Scarlett Meadows from Southfield apartment, because of Rhodes arrive Calliga Hall, and more Braithwaite Manor, you’ll probably find all the sparrow hunting you need to do.
  • Islands off the coast in Flat iron lake Sparrows can also be seen from time to time.
  • The land along Ringneck Creek and down to Maddock Pond should also prove promising for sparrow hunting. You can also hike the land north of the creek.
  • Lagras Sometimes there are Sparrows, as well as the land west of Lakay.
  • Sparrows will appear in Saint-Denis also. Check out the north side of the city or head down to the east pier.

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