Where to find Hunter’s Kingdom in God Of War

Check out all you need to know about where to find Hunter Kingdom Treasures in God of War.

God of War Hunters Kingdom Treasure Location Split Image

Collecting in most games is a way of thoroughly exploring areas of the game to see what secrets they hold. God of War also has its collectibles section. The game has lore markers, shrines etc that you will encounter during your gameplay. Most of these collectibles don’t provide items – however, you can also find treasures in the game. These buried treasures will help you get the materials you need to upgrade your equipment or tools.

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There are totals 12 treasures in the game. To find them, you must first find a treasure map, which will give you a hint as to the location of the buried treasure.

Where to find Hunter Kingdom Treasure Map

God of War Hunter Kingdom Treasure Map

You will have to find your way to Observation Tower inside Lake nine. When you dock at your boat, look straight ahead to find the Nornir Chest. Look to your right to find a nearby terrestrial treasure map.

The map will appear in the Targets tab below the Treasure Map sub-tab. The next thing you need to do is find the treasure.

Location of Hunter Kingdom Treasure

Treasure location in the Kingdom of God of War Hunter

The treasure map in your inventory will read like this:

“Motsognir, ruler of humans and beasts. I went to his kingdom to find out if he could get the materials to forge the Legendary Armor. All I found was this death and sorrow. I leave this offering in memory of those who suffered in Dwarf’s King seeking glory.”

Hints to the Dwarf Kingdom will lead you to Veithurgard. When you reach the area outside the temple entrance, you will see a puzzle at the gate. Go left to find the Lore Marker and the hidden treasure. The treasure is located right behind the head of the fallen statue lying on the ground.

Collect treasure you will get a Leiptr alloy, one Fascinating or rare, more than 6,000 Hacksilver, and year Hard Steel Svartalfheim.

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