Where to find diamonds in Minecraft update 1.18 on Pocket Edition (Bedrock)

Minecraft 1.18 was released recently, and it completely changed the game. New biomes, new world generation and new creatures have made the game very different. One of the biggest changes has to do with caves and ore creation.

Caves no longer stop at Y level 0 (or higher in many cases). Now, they can drop to Y -64. In addition, ores appear more often and how often they spawn also change.

Diamond still very important, even if Netherite is part of the game. This is where Minecraft Pocket Edition players can find them.

Minecraft Pocket Edition: How to find diamonds in update 1.18

Fortunately for Minecraft players, there is no difference in the Java Version or the Bedrock Version for the update and for the gameplay. The game generated the same way and now so do the seeds. There really isn’t much of a delineation between the two anymore.

The same goes for ore and diamond generation. Diamonds generate the same way for Pocket Edition as all other editions.

Diamonds can now spawn a lot more often (Image via Minecraft)
Diamonds can now spawn a lot more often (Image via Minecraft)

Before the update, Y level 11 or 12 was the best place to look Diamond. Now, diamonds can be found there, but not as commonly. The new Y-level for diamond mining is Y-level -59 (and -58).

Diamonds spawn there frequently, as it’s pretty close to the base level. Fortunately, the area where diamonds can spawn has expanded, making it possible for Minecraft players to find a lot more diamonds.

Can confirm that normal diamond ore still spawns in Minecraft 1.18, but it’s extremely rare 👀

Diamonds can spawn anywhere from Y level -64 to Y level 16. Y level 11 will still work, but that’s not the best place to look. Also, the cave is the best place to find diamonds nowadays. Cheese Caves are the best caves to look for, as they are the largest and have the most ore.

Fun fact: I can now find diamonds in Minecraft. Before 1.18, I was known to have the worst diamond luck of any limited player in the game.

Diamond ores are now much more frequent, making them almost as common as iron in caves. Diamonds, fortunately, are considerably more popular thanks to 1.18 update.

Editing by Mason J. Schneider Where to find diamonds in Minecraft update 1.18 on Pocket Edition (Bedrock)

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