Where to find Astronium in Astroneer

Trading is an important aspect in Astroneer. While you can travel to each planet and collect materials, you can also trade through the Trade Platform, allowing you to quickly get the ingredients you need without wasting fuel. One of the key ingredients needed for trading is astronomical, which is found only in the cores of planets.

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Venturing to the core of a planet can be dangerous; While tunneling downwards, you will encounter caves, steep cliffs, and hostile plants. In this tutorial you will learn how to Efficiently collect the astronomy as you reach the core of the planet. First, let’s take a look at the location of this rare resource.

Astronium in the outer core

the player stands near the astronomical buttons

Every planet is made up of many layers. The inner core contains the Gateway Engine, while the outer core is the area surrounding the engine. In the outer core you can find astronomical nodes. Astronium can be exposed, as well as buried, in the walls of caves.

When harvesting, be sure to look out for dangerous tree in the region, such as Ddowroot. This hostile plant can kill you in just two hits and can found in Sylva’s mantle and core.

Use a portal room to teleport

Astroneer in core

As mentioned above, astronomy can be found quite close to Gateway Engine. This is a device that can be activated, allowing you to teleport from the engine to the cavity on the planet’s surface.

When collecting astronomy, you can use this teleportation system, which eliminates the need to go through tunnels down to the core. With an Gateway Engine activated and connected to the Gate Room, you can quickly teleport to the core, collect astronomy, and then teleport back to the surface. From the room, you can load the astronomy into the detector and quickly return to your base.

Memorize, you will need to go from the surface to the core the first time you try to access the Gateway Engine. For more information, be sure to check out a guide on what you should bring when you travel to the center.

Trading Astronium

trading platform on sylva

Are from commercial platform, you can trade astronomically for a variety of rare items. Below you can check out all the astrological deals.

Amount of Astronium Materials to be traded
1 Astronium 4 people pack

2 solid fuel jumps

3 Astronium 1 EXO Chip

4 Dynamite

4 Hydrazine

These resources are hard to come by, which makes astronomy so valuable.

Astronomical Research

player looking into the research room

In addition to transactionsAstronium can also be studied. When placed in a Research Room, Astronium will generate 1,000 bytes in 25 minutes.

This is not the best research rate, considering common research minerals found on Sylva produce 450 bytes in about five minutes. This is the same amount of bytes as a piece of astronomical, but astronomical is used more efficiently for transactions.

We suggest study astronomical only if you have few bytes and don’t need any transactional resources.

Open EXO Dynamic Research Aid

player standing next to a powered exo dynamics research aid

On every planet you can find EXO Dynamics Research Aids. These are the triangular storage boxes that should be opened with a specific power or resource. If the container has a power icon next to it, you’ll need a power supply. If the container has any other shape, you’ll need to find the corresponding resource. Most of the time, these containers will contain research sample which you can study immediately to get a large amount of bytes.

Although this is rare, you can find Astronium Open Request Research Support. If you have the astronomy in your hand, you can open the box and be rewarded with QT-RTG. this is a constant source of energy without any fuel.

Overall, astrology is the best way for you to use EXO chips; this is an important item used in some late game blueprints.

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