Where to find all the inks

Printing ink Scarf is a collection of Collectible story segments detailing an alternate perspective of the one you’ve been fed by your ally Scarves. Who should you trust? After all, you have no reason not to trust the creature that brought you into the world.

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If you want to hear the full story, you will need to collect all the Inks; There are three hidden in every level. Thankfully, this guide will walk you through how to find them all and the easiest order to keep track of them in each world.

All kinds of squid in the ocean

Scarves - three types of ink from the ocean

1 – Rebellion

Scarves - Ocean Ink's location 1

The first squid is in the first area you explore on the Ocean level! You will need to photograph the scarf and win double jump ability before you can get it, though. There’s a nomad on a cliff here – if you’re looking at him from below, the path to Ink is directly on your right. Since it’s your first time, they don’t try very hard to hide it.

2 – Shield

Scarves - Location of Ocean Ink 2

To get the second Ink, you’ll need to go back a bit. The first day, keep pushing through the level until you earn the skill “Liana” (you can tell because you’ll get an achievement of the same name) that allows you to spin from floating hoops.

Once you have it, start coming back for floating logs. However, just before you are about to review the log, Look right: you will see a path leading to. Monitor it and it will take you Back to the area with the big blue turtle! When you’re there, be aware that there’s an incline leading to a series of floating pedestals forward. If you go that route, you’ll get to the second Ink right away!

3 – Freedom

Scarves - Ocean Ink's location 3 (1)

This last squid is easy to find if you know where to look.

When you reach the end of the Ocean level, there is a towering fortress and a long bridge to cross. It’s tempting to get ahead right away, but wait a minute! There is a path leading out to the left side of the balcony to another Ink. Just hop off and follow where it takes you! You can see the road from the bridge if you are careful.

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All kinds of ink in the desert

Scarves - three types of ink from the desert

1 – Hunting

Scarf - Location of Desert Ink 1

After reaching the ruins at the bottom of the sand slide, solving puzzles and building bridges, Go to the door on the left. You will eventually come to an open area (depicted on the left side of the image above) with a fundamental challenge. Before you start going forward, stop and turn right. There is a gap along the stone wall with a path to the first Ink.

2 – Hero

Scarf - Location of Desert Ink 2

Again, after going through the door on the left at the bottom of the sandboard, you will reach a large area. This area is behind the area where you found the first Ink. It involves several puzzles, not just the background. Look around to find a large lake with flowers floating in it. On the side of the water that you can reach before you solve all the puzzles, there is a path that leads you to Ink.

3 – I

Scarves - Location of Desert Ink 3

When you return to the rubble at the bottom of the sand slide and go through the door on the right hand side, the nomads will start sucking the color out of your scarf. You will have to bring a scarf with small balls of light to restore her.

After getting the towel back, you can enter the ruins. Turn left now and cross the gap by swinging on the hoop. There is a lever here that would raise the water level in the area. Next to the lever is a path to the ultimate Ink!

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All kinds of squid in the forest

Scarves - three types of ink from the forest

1 – Born

Scarves - Position of the Wild Squid 1 (1)

Right at the start of the Forest level, there are A water ball on the ground is being protected by a flock of crows. At first, it seems like there is no way to reach the sphere, but you just need to push a little harder. You will have access to a mask that will allow you to scare away the birds. Pick it up, go back to the area with the water ball and venture deep into a cave with the first Ink.

2 – Creation

Scarves - Location of Forest Ink 2

As you progress through the Forest level, you’ll need to go through two different paths to follow some nomads – one of the paths has two nomads and the other has a nomad. As you follow the path with two nomads, they will eventually catch and lock your scarf. No need to worry – you can get this Toner without it.

Head towards the waterfall (as shown in the left image above). When you get to the Ink marker, you’ll notice that there’s a large blue force field blocking your path to the right. To deactivate the force field, you will cross a river. Turn right to see a small beige stone platform there. When you remove the vase from the button there, the force field will go down And you can go back to the Ink marker and do it that way to get the Ink.

3 – Seeds

Scarves - Location of Forest Ink 3

When you go through the other road, the one with only a nomad on it, you will enter an area with a lot of apples and rabbits. When you get to the mainland, you’ll need to collect towel shards to charge a turret.

You will find, near your destination, a water ball that will allow you to go to the bottom of the nearby lake. There’s a puzzle to do underwater here, but Ink is the first: As you go below, stick to the wall on the right. In the end you will find a hole with a path leading to Ink.

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