Where To Find All The Evidence In The Witcher Blood Simple Quest

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‘Blood Simple’ is a main quest in The Witcher 3The Blood and Wine expansion you might come across, depends on who Geralt decides to look for in The Night of The Long Fangs. If he decides to look for Syanna, the story continues into ‘Beyond Hill and Dale’. But if Geralt chooses looking for the invisible Elder, he will have to start by following Orianna to her estate.

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At the grounds, he’ll find Orianna hurrying to the orphanage, where the tragic carnage took place. A witch and the famous White Wolf at the time, Geralt quickly deduced that Orianna was, in fact, a vampire. However, when she discovers the betrayal has taken place at the orphanage, she will ask Geralt to track down the monster responsible while she stays behind to watch over the boy alive, and Geralt will cautiously agree. With that decision, the Blood Simple quest will begin.

Pick up the way

Blood Simple Geralt witcher feels traces of scent Witcher 3 Blood and Wine

Geralt will begin his investigation inside the orphanage, where he can examine two corpses with his witchy senses.

  1. The first body is fell against the archway, to the left of where Geralt begins after the cutscene.

  2. The second is located in another room on the right.

There’s a lot of looting to do, so take a moment to replenish Geralt’s inventory. Following the trail of the carnage beyond the front door, Geralt will find the courtyard littered with bloody evidence to sort out.

  1. Scratch ran down to the building near the threshold.
  2. ONE deadbody located just outside the threshold.

  3. Again deadbody hanging on a tree trunk on a swing.

  4. Monster song lead out of the body of the first child.
  5. Routes to wet blood on the stone wall in the courtyard.

  6. One third deadbody are spread at the bottom of the wall on the lower level.

  7. Geralt can choose one strange scent on the stone railing at the bottom of the steps.

  8. Follow the scent trail down the path and through the wall, where Geralt will find another person deadbody to investigate.

Evidence of corpses will eventually conclude Geralt is hunting a Alpha Garkain.

The song in the sky Will pick up again from here towards the road and meet up with a group soon Car tracking. Follow the wheel tracks to the crash site along the lakeshore. Among the wrecks, there are two more things to check:

  1. The dead horse At the beach.

  2. The human corpse on the trolley.

Examination of the corpse would conclude that Garkain was buried nearby, so Geralt should have listened carefully for the scuffle. He will find Garkain nearby stone bridge just around the rocky shoulder of the shore.

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How to defeat Alpha Garkain

Blood Simple Alpha Garkain boss battle with Witcher 3 Blood and Wine

As a member of the vampire family, Alpha Garkains are prone to:

  • Moondust Bomb
  • Vacuum bomb
  • Vampire Oil
  • Black Blood

Black blood is a reasonable precaution; In the event that Garkain bites Geralt, the poison will injure the vampire and deal a return blow. In addition, Garkain has a powerful jumping attack that Geralt can parry with an dynamite Familiar shield, giving the witch plenty of room to quickly maneuver the monster with a flurry powerful attacks from him silver sword.

Note: If Geralt took the time to scan the area with his wizarding senses after the battle, he should find Orianna’s letter to uncover a bit of fascinating information.

Confronting Orianna

Blood Simple Orianna Witcher 3 Blood and Wine

Geralt will return to discover his inhibitions about Orianna have been formed. However, during the dialogue, Geralt decides to let Orianna live after learning another lesson about lesser evils. He may reply to the conversation however he deems appropriate; it will not affect his final decision to spare the vampire.

Orianna will then give Geralt one Magic Key to enter Elder Unseen’s Class. When the cutscene ends, Geralt will dictate that he send word to Regis using the birds his friend mentioned. During his dialogue with Regis got off the boat. Geralt will have a Last chance to find Syanna instead, abandoned his plans to see the Invisible Elder. This course of action makes it possible for you to uncover Orianna’s secret and discover The Land of a Thousand Fables in the same play if you want.

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