Where to find all the drawings

Indie game Scarf There’s a bunch of special characters, called nomads, who are exploring whole new worlds and making discoveries! The game tells us a little bit about the nomads, their explorations and abilities through paintings that you can find in the game – officially known as ‘Drawing’.

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Whether you’re an achievement hunter looking for 100% content in this concise game or you’re just interested in exploiting these adorable, mischievous creatures, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we detail the position of each Drawing in the game, are divided according to the world in which you will find them.

All drawings on the ocean

Scarves - all three drawings from the Ocean1 – Drawing of two nomads with a water ball

Scarves - Location of Ocean Painting 1

The first picture is super easy to find, but it’s hidden in the background.

All you need to do is Immediately after spawning in the Ocean, run around behind the wall the portal is built on. They placed it in the first place, before most players even thought to look up collectibles! Drawing on the back of the wall.

2 – Drawing Nomads Collecting Seashells

Scarves - Location of Ocean Painting 2

To get this drawing, you’ll need to do a little back-and-forth.

Watch out when you have the “vine” ability (you will get an achievement of the same name) allows you to rotate on the ring. After you have that, come back around for floating logs. You’ll notice when you go back to that There is a detour on the left side of the road! Jump over it to a small rocky island where this Drawing is waiting for you!

3 – Drawing Nomads Playing With Toys

Scarves - Location of Ocean Painting 3

There is a memorable moment at the end of the Ocean level that you across a long stone bridge towards a towering fortress ahead. When you reach the end of that stone bridge, Don’t go up the stairs and get inside immediately! This Drawing is very easy to get, it is located on the right hand side of the balcony.

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Every painting in the desert

Scarves - all three drawings from the desert1 – Drawing Nomads Planting Trees

Scarves - Location of Desert Image 1

Right at the top of the Desert level, you will face a big sand slide that will take you down some ruins. Instead of dragging them to the bottom, stick them along the right wall at the top. Right around the corner is a ledge, hidden by falling sand. The Drawing is right there!

2 – Drawing Nomads With Starfish

Scarves - Location of Desert Image 2

As you solve puzzles in the ruins at the bottom of the sand slide, you’ll create two bridges, giving you access to two doors on your left and right. When you go to the left hand side, you will eventually come to another ruins, surrounded by puddles.

Yes more puzzles to solve here. One of them involves air that can blast you to higher platforms, if you move a block to let it go through. Right next to that puzzle is where you’ll find a small stone courtyard against a stone wall with a Drawing safely hidden inside.

3 – Drawing of a nomad walking alone through the desert

Scarves - Location of Desert Image 3

Near the end of the Desert level you will need to pass a puzzle involving rising and falling water levels. When you finish it, there are some flowers to jump over and reach the end. Immediately after jumping over those flowers, turn left immediately and look at the wall next to you; The drawing will be there.

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Every picture in the forest

Scarves - all three drawings from the forest

1 – Draw a nomad growing a tree

Scarves - Location of Forest Drawing 1

From the very beginning in the Forest level, you will entered some ruins with a big tree growing in the center. This drawing is really easy to get – it just leans against the back wall in the corner. If you are facing the tree from the path you entered, with your Scarf hanging there for you to comfort her, the Drawing is behind you to the right. You don’t need to do any work or even use your scarf!

2 – Drawings of nomads setting up a house

Scarves - The location of the Forest Picture 2

When you enter the ruins mentioned above, the three nomads there will run away: two of them in one direction, and the other in another. As you chase the nomadic pair, they eventually catch your scarf and you are forced to free her. After you successfully release the scarf, she flies away across a bridge. Pay attention, because Drawings are nearby! Cross the bridge, turn right, and use the landscape to go down beside the bridge. The Drawing is placed on the side of the bridge there.

3 – Drawing Nomads Playing At Sunset

Scarves - Location of the Forest Image 3

While chasing the nomad who has run away on his own, you will come across an area where you need to collect towel shards to charge a turret. You’ll know you’re approaching this area because when you enter, you’ll see lots of bunnies and apples lying around!

You’ll need to climb into the area a bit first, but Drawings aren’t too hard to find. Keep an eye out for a pack of angry rabbits guarding a scarf under a rock. There is a small hill near the rabbits with a semicircular fence marks the path – go up that path and enter the ruins, where drawings are waiting for you!

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