Where is Jennifer Turpin now?

JENNIFER Turpin has revealed the abuse she and her 12 siblings suffered at the hands of their parents for ten years.

Now, 33 years old, Turpin has sat down for a interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer with her older sister, Jordan, to share the horror they endured.

Jennifer Turpin speaks out about the abuse and torture she and her siblings endured for 10 years


Jennifer Turpin speaks out about the abuse and torture she and her siblings endured for 10 yearsCredit: ABC

Where is Jennifer Turpin now?

Ever since the Turpins escaped their home of terror, Jennifer Turpin, then 31, turned to music as an outlet.

Her first moment of freedom came when she was sitting in the hospital room and she said she had just danced. “Music is playing, I wake up,” she told Sawyer.

“I made sure there was a little bit of the floor cleared up and I jumped.”

She told Sawyer that she “dreams of being a Christian pop artist” and that her favorite song is Broken & Beautiful by Kelly Clarkson.

Turpin aspired to be a published author, although she did not specify what books she hopes to write.

But now, she is working in a restaurant and finds joy in simply getting some fresh air and going for a walk.

“I am so grateful to be able to walk… [to] hour-long walk with my music,” she told Sawyer.

“These little things I think… are the things that people take for granted.”

What happened to Jennifer Turpin and her siblings?

Police raided the Turpin family’s home on January 14, 2018, after receiving a 911 call from Jordan Turpin that they were imprisoned and some siblings chained to their beds.

In an exclusive interview with Sawyer, Jennifer said she remembers how her home life changed when her parents moved to Fort Worth, Texas, and eventually the house becomes filled with dirt, filth, and mold.

Her mother, Louise, became moody and often scolded the children for something as trivial as asking a question.

“I never knew which side I would take with her,” she said.

“If I were to ask her a question, [is] she’ll call me stupid or something… and then drag me across the floor or [is] She will be kind and answer my questions. “

As the years passed, her parents transitioned from neglect to full-blown abuse, and Turpin said they were kicked out of school and taught only to remember which grade they had to take, in case someone asked.

During her school years, from first to third grade, Turpin said she wore the same clothes every day and the kids didn’t want to be around her.

“I may have smelled it,” said Turpin. “But I didn’t realize at the time that I was smelling that stench clinging to me… because we would actually be living in houses full of garbage.”

Jennifer and her sister, Jordan Turpin, share their story with ABC's Diane Sawyer for the first time


Jennifer and her sister, Jordan Turpin, share their story with ABC’s Diane Sawyer for the first timeCredit: ABC 20/20

She told Sawyer that she ran away once but that’s it Worried about her siblings, she returned just a day later.

Turpin said: In the process of achieving their freedom, Turpin said Her parents started chaining her siblings to the bed, sometimes lasting for months.

It wasn’t until Jordan nearly suffocated that the possibility of escape began to take shape.

Turpin said her sister had been planning for more than two years, photographing their abuses to plan their escape and calling for help.

Turpin said she told her sister everything she knew, and when their parents announced they were moving Oklahoma, the sisters knew it was now or never.

Jordan escaped and called 911, within two hours the police showed up with body cameras and took away their parents, David and Louise, in handcuffs.

What else did Jennifer Turpin say?

In the exclusive interview Jeniffer also revealed that she Evil parents will quote the Bible to justify frequent beatings.

“They like to point out things in Deuteronomy, saying, ‘We have a right to do this to you.’ … That they have the right to even kill us if we disobey,” she said.

David Turpin’s father used belts and sticks to whip his children. Jennifer recalls a moment when she said her father picked her up, feet off the floor, and banged her against the wall.

“I know him [was] say I am the devil,” she said. “I just looked at him like, ‘what did I do?'”

Mother Louise Turpin is also on the shelves Huge credit card debt and hoarding baby clothes, games and toys which she would never give the children.

While their parents binge-eat fast food and mock them with freshly baked pumpkin pies they’re not allowed to touch, Jennifer says the kids eat it once a day – get a peanut butter sandwich peanuts, a frozen burrito or chips.

When Jennifer was 18, parents David and Louise had 10 kids move into a trailer in a remote part of their property, taking only their two youngest children with them before driving away.

Surname carry limited groceries once a week, or sometimes every two weeks, so that the kids starve to death.

“I’m going to try to stretch it out and make sure we at least have something to eat every day of the week,” says Jennifer.

Jordan, just six years old, added: “There are a lot of people starving to death. I will have to find a way to eat. I’ll eat ketchup or mustard or ice. “

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