What you’re doing, you’re doing it all wrong

A PROFESSIONAL makeup artist has revealed simple yet effective craft tricks to make your makeup look like it was done by a professional.

Carly Jo, from Ohio, USA, says she wants to share her favorite tips to help enhance the makeup you do yourself.

Carly is sharing trading tips


Carly is sharing trading tipsCredit: Tiktok / @ carlyjomakeup

Speaking of her TikTok platform, Carly says that as a professional makeup artist, she uses these tricks on both herself and her clients, and here are useful tips that have been used. used for decades but many people don’t know them.

Post in domain @carlyjomakeup She said, “This is for my oily skin folks, take a blotting paper and pat any excess oil away. Then cover those areas with a very light matte finish. “

Extra: Removing excess oil we don’t need, then powdering those areas, will help create a barrier so your oil doesn’t get through. Carly also adds that this trick should be done before makeup and after primer.

For her next reveal, Carly shows how she creates those glossy brows.


“Before applying brows, take a cotton pad and micellar water and wipe off any skin care products. You can see the difference. This will help the product glide on a lot faster because there’s no product. which blocks the area of ​​skin you are trying to apply for.”

Carly also debunks the myth that you should use concealer to apply eyeshadow.

“Concealer should not be used, especially if you have oily eyelids,” says Carly.

Extra: “When applying your transition color, apply it above the eyelid crease, pushing it into the recess and into the front of the brow. This will create a soft and natural look for the double. eye.”

Among many tips, Carly also shows how to make you less noticeable when wearing false eyelashes. She suggests you take some black eyeshadow and apply it on the lash band

When it comes to better results from your concealer, she reveals that it’s best to let it sit for a while before blending it out.

She also advises, “When using bronzer, choose a smaller brush than a large cotton brush. Using a smaller brush will help control where you’re applying bronzer than using one. big cotton brush and it just gets blown out and goes everywhere.”

Carly’s post has racked up a whopping 650.7k views, and many TikTok users were quick to comment.

“I didn’t expect so many tips in one video. You are a saint,” one person commented.

Another added: “Cleaning up smudged brows is a great tip. It makes me wonder why the pencil isn’t going well.”

“LOVE all these tricks, thanks for sharing” a third commented.

Everyone thanked MUA for her advice


Everyone thanked MUA for her adviceCredit: Tiktok / @ carlyjomakeup

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