What You Never Knew About Betting In Texas

Besides Texas being known for its stunning scenery, rich culture, lively music scene and hot weather, it is also known for the compelling betting scene that remains appreciated by locals and visitors. Although it is not illegal for Texas residents to wager at offshore sportsbooks, the state’s laws specifically prevent sports betting businesses from operating within the state, so it is technically illegal to gamble on sports in Texas.

Tax on Sports Betting

One of the most asked questions by both those who live in Texas and those outside Texas would be: is there a sports betting tax in texas,  and we are here to answer that question.  Sports profits from Texans are not taxed because it is illegal to gamble on sports in Texas. Residents of the Lone Star State, on the other hand, may be required to pay taxes on earnings derived from gambling activities conducted outside of Texas.

Legalizing Sports Betting in Texas

On January 10th, 2023, the Texas state legislature can meet to consider legalizing sports betting in the state of Texas for the first time. The Texas state legislature only convenes twice a year. Efforts are underway by the Sports Gambling Alliance to get a law on the November 2023 ballot.

The earliest that sports betting will be permitted in Texas is on January 1st, 2024, if this law is passed. Last year, illicit sports bets generated $5 billion in Texas. Texans will no longer have to go to neighboring states to place bets on sports if sports betting in Texas is legalized. Nearby states that have legalized sports betting include Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and New Mexico.

For and Against the Legalization

So who’s for and who’s against this legalization of sports gambling in Texas? The Sports Gambling Alliance and Las Vegas Sands are two of the most vocal proponents of regulated sports gambling in Texas. Professional sports clubs in Texas are also continuing to speak out in favor of legalizing sports betting. It’s a shame that the long-standing Texas Republican Controlled Congress continues to oppose sports betting in the state.

Supporting Team

The Sports Betting Alliance and Las Vegas Sands are still working to get a sanctioned bill passed in Texas. Texas Governor Greb Abbott’s confidant, Phil Cox, believes that Abbott is open to allowing sports gambling. On becoming governor in 2015, Abbott has vehemently resisted this.

Opposing Team

Texans have long leaned Republican, and conservative lawmakers have consistently opposed legalizing sports betting in the state. Dan Patrick, the state’s current lieutenant governor, is a staunch opponent of legalizing sports betting in Texas.

The Lt. Governors of Texas are given particular powers by the state constitution to control the state senate. For or against the legalization of sports betting in the state of Texas, this can have an impact.

Payment Methods for Sports betting sites

An abundance of deposit alternatives is a need for online sportsbooks. Reliable sources will show you how to utilize credit cards, digital wallets, and cryptocurrencies in an easy-to-understand manner.


The most popular cryptocurrency on the planet is Bitcoin. There is a growing number of Bitcoin sportsbooks thanks to the growing popularity of blockchain technology. Bitcoin Cash can also be used to fund an account at several high-end sportsbooks.

Digital Wallet

In online sportsbooks, renowned digital wallets like PayPal and Skrill are widely accepted. It is easy for Texans who want to wager on offshore sites to create an eWallet. In addition, they are accessible for anyone to use at no charge. If you pay using an eWallet, several sportsbooks may provide you with special banking incentives.

Traditional Payment

In terms of banking possibilities, credit cards are still king. Texans can use their credit cards to make deposits at all of the listed offshore sportsbooks. A credit card authorization form could be required by certain sportsbook establishments. The usual credit card options are Visa and MasterCard, however, certain sites also accept American Express as a payment method.

Live Betting

Texas sports enthusiasts can choose from a variety of sportsbooks listed below to place their bets in real-time. Texans aren’t breaking the law since these sites are located outside of the state. There are no licensed land-based casinos in Texas that allow sports betting or horse racing wagering. Daily fantasy sports are currently exempt from this rule. Sports betting is permitted in nearby Arkansas, so Texans can gamble there, or they can use offshore sportsbooks.

Land-based betting

The ban on internet sports betting services in Texas extends to land-based enterprises. Until the middle of 2021, there will be no legal gambling establishments in the state of Texas. Consider flying to a neighboring state with authorized sports gambling, such as New Mexico or Arkansas, if you want to place bets at a physical sportsbook.

Social betting is an exception to the rule. It is legal to wager with friends as long as there is a “legitimate social relationship” between those involved in the wagering. Additionally, there is no upper limit on the amount of money that can be wagered. If you hear that a local sports team is taking bets, you should be aware that local bookmakers are breaking area regulations.

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