What to remember before Season 3

We’re less than two days away from that lock and key Returning for its third and final season. With the show coming back so soon, now seems like a good time to catch up on what happened at the end of lock and key Season 2 before the Season 3 premiere.

The show’s second season saw an epic showdown between the Locke family and the evil demon Dodge, who assumed the form of Kinsey’s friend Gabe for most of the season.

In the end, many of the show’s major storylines were neatly tied together, but a few threads stuck — in addition to a new formidable threat that the Lockes will surely face next season.

Below we will enumerate some of the most important events that happened lock and key Season 2 to provide a refresher so you’re all in the loop and ready to see Season 3!

Locke and Key season 2 recap: What to remember before season 3

lock & key. (L to R) Sherri Saum as Ellie Whedon, Darby Stanchfield as Nina Locke in Episode 306 of Locke & Key. Kr. Amanda Matlovich/Netflix © 2022

Where did we put all the lockes at the end of locke and key season 2?

At the end of Season 2, Kinsey, Tyler, Bode, Duncan and their friends join forces to take down Dodge once and for all. Once defeated, a few things will be put in order. Kinsey bids farewell to Scot, who has entered the prestigious film program in England. He initially declines, but Kinsey convinces him to take it. She throws him a parting part at Keyhouse.

Tyler decides that he won’t use the Memory Key to preserve his memories of magic because it’s too hard for him right now after everything that happened to Jackie. He decides to leave Keyhouse for the time being as he is about to come of age and sets out on his own for a while. But Nina does accept the memory key, so we should expect to see her with all her memories of magic intact lock and key Season 3.

Locke and Key Season 2: Are Dodge and Eden Dead?

It looks like this. By using the Alpha key on Dodge, they were able to pull the demon out of Lucas’ body and free him. The demon can’t survive without a host, so we know it probably disintegrated and probably fell into the sea with the rest of the mansion on the cliffs.

As for Eden, she returns to Wellhouse without Dodge/Gabe and summons Frederick Gideon with the Echo Key. He returns the favor by throwing her into the well, seemingly killing her.

Locke and Key Season 2: What Happened to Ellie?

Ellie eventually manages to emerge from behind the Black Door, still trapped in Dodge’s doppelganger form. Bode tests her to see if she can take a key from him, and when she can, he realizes that she really is Ellie. They use the Identity Key to restore her to her true form, and Ellie even gets a touching reunion with Lucas and later her son Rufus.

Who is Frederick Gideon?

Though Dodge and Eden are seemingly defeated, things aren’t entirely peaceful or back to normal in Keyhouse.

As previously mentioned, Eden has summoned Frederick Gideon, who appears to be the next “big villain” to come hunting the Lockes lock and key Season 3. Gideon, a British colonial soldier, was a captain who became possessed by Whispering Iron after he and some of the other soldiers stumbled upon the Black Door in the Sea Caves.

Unlike some of the other involuntary demon hosts, Gideon was indeed happy playing a vessel for the demon, and remains so in the present day after being summoned by Eden. Even worse, Gideon now has access to two powerful keys, the Echo Key and the Anywhere Key, which allow him to leave Wellhouse and become a real threat.

lock and key Season 3 premieres on Netflix this Wednesday, August 10th.

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