What to expect from Lineage2M


Based on Lineage’s fantasy universe, Lineage2M is a mobile MMORPG set in the open world Aden filled with monsters, treasure, and adventure.

So, what exactly sets Lineage2M apart in a crowded genre?

Lineage2M is here, and developer NCSOFT aims to bring a host of innovations to the genre. From a large, seamless open world; for bosses forced to cooperate and compete on a large scale; to game systems that reward you for playing time – here are some of the key features you can expect in Lineage2M.


Lineage2M’s characters and environments are stutter-free even in full 3D on your mobile device. For example, when taking down detailed boss monsters with dozens or hundreds of other players simultaneously, the graphics are still smooth.

In addition, each character class has its own special visual style, developed with experience. As you progress through the ranks of your chosen class, your wardrobe, weapons, armor, and items become more decorated and ornate.

While the game delves into the microscopic details of patterns and fabrics, Lineage2M’s world of Aden is estimated at 240 million square meters and incredibly diverse. Due to the attention to the smallest details, each village and field has its own distinct characteristics and characteristics that are reflected by the bosses that live in it and the items that can be found there.


As long as you are willing to log in and maintain a minimal presence, you can make steady progress in this game. Persistent players can expect a significant boost simply by showing up for daily benefits, timed push rewards, passes and more.

One of these mechanics is called Daily Benefit, and it provides the goods needed for character growth. By clicking Menu > ‘Daily’ tab you will get free items as daily benefits. On the last day of the Daily Benefit series, you will receive a high value reward. This way anyone who plays every day can be guaranteed a spec upgrade for their character.

Another way you can level up your character is through the Punctuality Bonus. The necessary tools and items for character development will be announced at a certain time each day. To receive these bonuses you must check them via the ‘Mail’ tab, but they are very time sensitive and if you do not open the mail in time, the offers will expire.

Additional support for character advancement will be provided through the new Passing System introduced when the game launches globally. User can use ‘Aden Pass’, whereby they can complete quests and get rewards, and ‘Beginner Pass’, they can experience and complete core quests and get skill books Epic level.


Lineage2M’s in-game content is designed to allow users to progress through consistent gameplay. There are three ways you can take advantage of this philosophy:

Class path: The attainment of ‘Class’ is mainly achieved through the Class Tag. However, thanks to this ‘path’ system, users can advance to a higher rank of their chosen class once a certain level is reached, meaning that if you play consistently you are guaranteed Accumulate cards and level up.

Codex: In-game items may seem unnecessary at first, but that’s just before you know about the Codex system This system allows users to level up using leftovers they have. during play. This means that if you play a lot, you will naturally get high Codex completions and accumulate a lot of items that may not be of use for your character or class, but in Lineage2M you will get rewards stats and buffs compensate those items and your efforts.

Combination card: Like any random draw, you will sometimes find yourself with duplicate Class and Agathion tags. By ‘unifying’ your extra cards you can essentially create new Class/Agathion cards. In fact, there’s a chance you can make a stronger card by doing a merge, so the more duplicate class/Agathion cards you accumulate, the higher the probability you get a higher level card. the higher.


Designed for cross-platform play, Lineage2M benefits from the latest in gaming software technology including:

PC PURPLE: PC PURPLE provides optimized PC and cross-play environments by supporting up to 4K resolution graphics and customizable control keys.

Remote Play: On mobile PURPLE, you can play games originally installed on your PC through your phone. For example, after starting a Lineage2M session on your PC at home, you can continue playing on your mobile device via Mobile PURPLE somewhere else or even on the go.

PURPLEtalk: With PURPLEtalk, you can chat in game and in real time without connecting to the game channel. Sound quality means you don’t need to use another voice channel, which is useful when playing with friends or family members.


While features like these make Lineage2M remarkable, only you can decide if the game is a worthy contender in a crowded MMORPG arena.

For PC users, PURPLE is available for download on the official website. For Mobile users, you can download it at Game Store and App Store.

For more details about Lineage2M, visit the official website.

Lineage2M is now available.

* Official website

* Lineage2M’s official YouTube

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* Official Facebook of Lineage2M What to expect from Lineage2M


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