What shape of nose do you have?

Physiognomists claim that even a person’s nose can reveal a lot about him.

How the shape of the nose affects the character / UNIAN collage, photo ua.depositphotos.com

Everyone wants to know more about themselves – the good thing is that there are special tests and techniques. Even the shape of your nose will reveal something about you that even you don’t know yourself – UNIAN invites you to try your hand at this business and reveal the unknown secrets of your personality.

How the shape of the nose affects the character – choose your type

The authors of this technique say that one can also judge one’s character traits by what kind of nose a person is naturally given. Of course, the part of the body that is sometimes put in other people’s affairs can have very different forms, but we propose to consider the most interesting ones.

The owner of such a nose, protruding on the face, having soft wings and a large tip, tends to make quick decisions. Both hemispheres of his brain are well developed, but analytical skills are in the foreground. They easily get information that is difficult for most people – people with fleshy noses tend to be very enterprising. They’re also incredibly honest and devoted, which is why it’s difficult to find a worthy partner – not everyone takes the same position.

These are very cheerful and friendly people, it is easy for them to make new acquaintances. There are always many acquaintances and friends around her and a constant change of scenery. People with small noses love everything new and unknown, they have a positive attitude towards change. But the character of such a person works both in plus and minus – if he loses his temper, it will be very difficult to stop the flow of anger. Owners of a small nose keep personal secrets from the public, including romantic relationships.

People with such outstanding noses are born leaders, they find their place in every company and in every situation. They will never remain silent and stand by, but will take action depending on the circumstances. They say about her: “The soul of the company”, and that’s true.

Such people can be counted on – as a rule, they are excellent colleagues, faithful spouses, reliable friends. The peculiarity of a person with a big nose is that he can be overly self-confident and harsh, which negatively affects his relationship with society.

Born leaders, speakers, entrepreneurs and even politicians are the ones with long noses. They can manage other people, organize events and also have strong commercial skills, so they can calculate everything a few steps in advance. People with a long nose can start their own business or develop a project, but the main thing is not to be arrogant and not to think too much about yourself, otherwise there is a risk of losing everything.

Such people are excellent inventors, innovators and inventors. Natural empathy gives them the ability to subtly sense the needs of others, which means they provide exactly what is needed. Your purpose in life is to help others, through this you can find yourself. The inability to perceive criticism appropriately is a trait that needs careful study. If you don’t learn how to negotiate with people, all your efforts will be in vain.

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