What Jobs Can I Get After Blockchain Developer Bootcamp?

The US job market is creating plenty of opportunities for professionals in the blockchain industry. Anyone interested in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies can gain the required knowledge and experience to become a blockchain developer. It is important to remember that these jobs will be the most in-demand jobs in the future. With technology advancing, companies will always be looking for engineers with blockchain knowledge and expertise.

While blockchain is still a new technology, it is best to take an interest in it now. One might argue that blockchain is a technology that is limited to the use and functionality of cryptocurrency, but in reality, it is helpful in many fields. Everyone needs blockchain, from huge organizations to small startups and from finance to healthcare. Many companies are already using blockchain and encouraging their employees to get trained with a blockchain developer bootcamp online. So once you’ve done that, you can pursue one of these careers.

6 Career Opportunities In Blockchain Technology

When a job position is in demand, there are plenty of opportunities for a professional in that field to follow. Blockchain is not only a great career path, but it also offers good salaries.

Here are some of the best roles for a blockchain professional to fit into:

Blockchain Developer

After the blockchain developer course, the best career path to follow is a blockchain developer. They are responsible for developing a secure blockchain network on which the company can perform the necessary tasks. Additionally, a blockchain developer has to create smart contracts and optimize network protocols to maintain the network’s security. So just like a software engineer or developer, a blockchain developer must have essential coding skills.

According to Glassdoor, a blockchain developer earns $102,457 annually in the United States.

Blockchain Solution Architect

Whenever there is a problem in the development process of a blockchain, the development team turns to the solution architect. The primary responsibility of a blockchain solutions architect is to design and build a solution to solve the problems that occur in the blockchain. They must coordinate with multiple developers and adapt to new teams. They must also maintain the quality and performance of their solutions.

According to Talent, a blockchain solution architect, on average, earns a salary of $165,750 annually in the USA.

Blockchain Project Manager

When there are multiple blockchain projects in an organization, it becomes difficult for one person to handle them all. This is when organizations hire or promote capable employees to become blockchain project managers. From researching the project to developing the right blockchain products for the company or client, overlooking it is the project manager’s responsibility.

A senior blockchain project manager earns a salary of $110,306 per year in the united states.

Blockchain UI/UX Designer

Most jobs in the blockchain field require you to be an absolute expert in blockchain, the position of a blockchain UI/UX designer is similar. Being a relatively new field, only some professionals know how to use blockchain technology. Therefore, when companies hire blockchain professionals, these individuals are expected to know everything. So as a blockchain UI/UX designer, you will need to look over your project’s designs, content, and marketing campaigns.

Becomings a UI/UX designer for a blockchain, you can expect an average base salary of $107,500 per year in the US.

Blockchain Legal Advisors

Even if blockchain is a decentralized concept, there are specific laws every user must follow. Businesses must hire attorneys to ensure they aren’t breaking any law with their actions or partnerships in the blockchain. Additionally, parties involved must sign smart contracts approved by a legal advisor who is well-versed in the blockchain. If you aren’t in an IT job but are interested in working with blockchain, you can still choose this career path.

Jobs listed on Indeed for legal advisors and counselors offer an average salary of $165,000 yearly.

Blockchain Consultant

When companies are new to blockchain technology, they are trying things out, which can lead to them making huge mistakes. Many businesses hire blockchain consultants who are experts in blockchain technology and can guide the organization to create the right blockchain strategies to develop their business in the right direction.

A blockchain consultant earns $107,812 per year in the United States. Additionally, there are cash bonuses to count for.


There is no scarcity in the blockchain industry if we are talking about employment opportunities. It offers the most effortless shift to professionals in the IT field, as a software developer can easily do a blockchain development course and become a blockchain developer.

But even if you aren’t part of the tech industry, you can still learn blockchain and use it in your career, like how lawyers can easily join the blockchain space as legal consultants.

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