What it means when your car engine starts dripping water in the summer – and how you can take action

CAR experts have revealed what it means if water is dripping from your car’s engine and what you can do about it.

The RAC’s engine experts presented a list of the most common problems that can arise in hot weather and gave drivers advice on how to solve them.

Car experts have discovered what causes water to drip from your car in hot weather


Car experts have discovered what causes water to drip from your car in hot weatherPhoto credit: Getty

It can be worrying when fluid leaks from your car’s exhaust pipe and the cause is often a mystery.

Drivers may be wondering if they have an engine leak that could be costly or even dangerous to fix.

However, the RAC reassured motorists that as long as the liquid was water, it was likely harmless.

As the summer months progress, Brits tend to crank up the air conditioning while out and about, which can cause water to leak from the engine.

The air conditioner cools and dehumidifies the outside air, which causes a lot of condensation to accumulate in the evaporator.

It has to go somewhere, so it goes into the exhaust system and comes out the back of the car.

A small amount of water dripping from the pipe is nothing to worry about.

If the fluid is not colorless or has an unusual odor, you should take your car to a mechanic and have it checked.

This could be caused by a leak and should be investigated as soon as possible.

For comparison, coolant is typically a very light green color, while engine oil is dark and viscous and transmission fluid has a distinctive (often unpleasant) odor.

If large amounts of water are coming out of the exhaust, you should also have this checked.

And if you really want to avoid dripping, you can use a little-known button to reduce the amount of air your air conditioner sucks in from outside.

The RAC experts also told drivers that the hot weather could cause white “smoke” to come out of car vents.

Again, there is no need to worry unless the smoke has an acrid smell.

It’s just water vapor from the condenser escaping through the other end of the system rather than through the exhaust.

If you run the system briefly the smoke should stop.

However, if the smoke is dark in color and smells unpleasant, stop the car immediately, get out and call a mechanic.

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This comes after an experienced mechanic revealed how much you should fill your fuel tank in hot weather to make it more fuel efficient.

Meanwhile, a warning has been issued to motorists amid fears of a rapid increase in mishaps linked to the heatwave.


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