What is the reptilian conspiracy theory?

THE REPTILIAN conspiracy theory is a wild ride including a New World Order, Covid-19 and even former US Presidents.

Buckle up as we dive into the details of this conspiracy theory.

According to some who believe in this conspiracy, former President Obama is a shape-shifting reptile


According to some who believe in this conspiracy, former President Obama is a shape-shifting reptilePhoto credit: Getty

What is the reptilian conspiracy theory?

The Reptilian conspiracy theory holds that many of the world’s elites are shapeshifting reptilians intent on dominating the human race.

David Icke popularized the theory in the modern day era with his 1998 book The Biggest Secret.

He posted a video on his website about reptilian humanoids and their links to current events.

He said: “I don’t come up with crazy stuff without researching it very long and in several countries.”

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He explains that reptilian beings are responsible for a global network of secret societies designed to manipulate our society.

He continues: “These are the sons of God who mingled with the daughters of men and created a hybrid race.”

He claims that Covid-19 was supposedly an anti-human scheme created by the reptilian race to wipe out the vulnerable.

He also claims that the royal family is made up almost entirely of reptilians, which is why they maintain such a strict bloodline.

He makes bold claims about Dr. Anthony Fauci, Presidents Obama, Clinton, and Bush, and pop culture icons like Taylor Swift and Angelina Jolie, all reptiles in disguise.

He was accused of anti-Semitism for claiming that many of Hollywood’s Jewish elites were complicit in a plan for world domination.

All of his claims regarding a breed of reptile have been disproved by scientists.

Has anyone in Hollywood commented on the reptilian conspiracy theory?

Most people in Hollywood haven’t commented on whether or not they’re reptilian, but Mark Zuckerberg has.

Zuckerberg read through reader comments in a live question-and-answer session on his platform.

He came up to one and asked if he was secretly a lizard, to which he replied, “No, I’m not a lizard.”

He called the question silly and turned to more serious issues.

Queen Elizabeth II has also been accused of being Reptilian


Queen Elizabeth II has also been accused of being ReptilianPhoto credit: Getty

What do scientists say about reptiles?

Scientists have long discredited the existence of shape-shifting human reptiles.

A group of philosophers published an article in Utopian Studies in 2005.

Her take on the theory, or rather her biggest fan, Icke, was as follows: “Icke’s greatest strength is not so much an innovator of any particular type of alien or conspiracy theory, but rather in his total ambition to weave numerous partial theories into existence an extraordinary narrative that is both all-encompassing and all-encompassing.”

In other words, they say he has a good imagination and took other conspiracy theories (remember, he didn’t invent the idea of ​​the reptilian race) and combined them.

Ohio State University scholars concluded, “This belief system is held primarily by average Americans.”

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“Because they have no significant control over the economy or government, it’s easy to channel mistrust of those in power.”

“This is especially true when leaders make mistakes or when believers personally dislike them.”

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