What is the maximum age for the US military service?

US troops have been deployed to NATO countries amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

chairperson Joe Biden say that military involvement is precautionary and The United States will not enter the war with Russia.

The military draft of the United States was introduced during the Civil War.


The military draft of the United States was introduced during the Civil War.

What is the maximum age to join the US military?

All males who are permanent residents of the United States or citizens of the United States must register with Selective service when they are 18 to 26 years old.

Those already registered will be drafted, should the United States enter a national emergency. The White House and Congress to restore the draft.

If a ban is implemented, men will have to enlist in the US military between the ages of 20 and 25.

However, the US military has only volunteered since 1973 and President Biden says he has no intention of doing it again.

According to ‘s Selective Service System site, a lottery-based draft and will start with 20-year-olds by choosing a birth date at random.

For those with a date of birth, they will be required to present to enroll in the US military.

An example would be if a draft happens in 2022, people born in 2002 will be selected. After each group of people, the lottery-based system increases every year until it reaches 25-year-olds.

If the US military requires more people to enlist, those selected will be under 20, starting at 19 and moving down to 18.

Who is exempt from US bills of exchange?

Since the US military draft was implemented, women continue to be exempt.

The US government proposed a bill that included women in the US draft but ended up killing the bill in 2021.

Sen. Ted CruzR-Texastold USA Today in November 2021, that women should not “put themselves in a situation where they are forced to engage in hand-to-hand combat with a man, where they will face significant challenges.”

He added, “There are differences between men and women.”

Representative Chrissy Houlahan, D-Pennsylvania, is a former Air Force officer and proposed the bill but was disappointed by the decision. Ms. Aubrey Stuber’s spokesman said including women in the draft would strengthen national security and be a “long overdue change”.

However, a IPSOS poll in August 2021 showed that support for women in discussion had dropped since 2016 when 63% of Americans said they would support the change.

That percentage has dropped dramatically by 2021 with only 45% of Americans believing that women should be enlisted in the military.

The US draft was disbanded in 1973 after the Vietnam War.


The US draft was disbanded in 1973 after the Vietnam War.Credit: Getty

When will the US draft be disbanded?

The final US draft is in Vietnam War and it was abolished on January 27, 1973 – the last day of the war.

The first order to enlist civilians in the army occurred in civil war 1863, leading to public riots. The protracted resistance continued through the Vietnam War, where it reached its historic climax, according to History website.

The first draft included all fit men between the ages of 18 and 45, but the age requirement has been reduced over time. World War I when former President Woodrow Wilson appealed to men between the ages of 21 and 30.

When the United States entered World War II, the government again extended the age requirement for draftees to 18-37 years old, but some were able to achieve “devoted objector” status.

The status is granted only to those who can demonstrate “sincerity of belief in religious teachings combined with a profound moral aversion to war,” according to the History website.

Then repealed in 1973, the draft can only be reinstated if the White House declares it national emergency. The draft can only be reinstated if the White House and Congress vote in favor.

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