What is monster broth used for

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Unlock High Rank Hunts in Monster Hunter Rise Open up a whole new world full of difficulty, with more quests to take on and collect new gear to craft. You’ll need to hunt a lot to prepare for these new challenges, mainly to get the new ingredients that High Rank brings.

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One of these materials is the Monster Broth, which can be a bit of a puzzle for some as it’s not directly related to a particular monster. However, it requires quite a bit of formula, so let’s see how to get some.

Where to get monster broth

Monster Hunter Rises Altaroth

If you want Monster Broth, you’ll need to play High Rated hunts because it’s High Rated material. You can get it by defeating certain monsters or completing quests where those monsters are the main objective.

As far as Little monster come on, there are three that can be hunted for Monster Broth.

  • Altaroth – Found in Temple Ruins
  • Bnahabra – Found in Temple Ruins, Ice Islands, Sand Plains, Wetlands and Lava Caves
  • Rachnoid – Found in Sand Plains and Lava Caves

All three of these monsters can be sculpted after killing them for a chance to obtain a Monster Broth, and Palicoes can also gain items from them. Altaroths notably drop items when attacked depending on the color of their belly. If Altaroth’s belly is yellow, it will be more likely to drop a Monster Broth when attacked.

There are also two big monsters can be hunted for Monster Broth.

  • Volvidon – Found in Sand Plains and Lava Caves
  • Rakna-Kadaki – Found in the Sand Plains and Lava Caves

Monster Broth can be obtained as a quest reward when hunting Volvidon, but otherwise the monster will only drop items once it has startled through the Wyvern Riding.

On the other hand, Rakna-Kadaki hunters have many sources of Monster Broth. Not only the quests associated with them will have a chance to reward you with items, but you can get Monster Broth from body marks or from capturing the monster. There’s even a 20% chance of acquiring a Monster Broth from a head break and a 42% chance of obtaining it through a Palico friend.

Sandy Plains and Lava Caverns are habitats for all but the Altaroths when it comes to Monster Broth drop monsters, so consider doing an expedition there if you’re looking for ingredients.

What is monster broth used for

Monster Hunter Rise Heaven's Glaze Bow Rakna Kadaki

Monster Broth is used to forge and upgrade a variety of weapons and some armor sets. Most notably, it is widely used in Bnahabra tree that many weapons have, such as Bows and Insect Glaives. As a fairly accessible High Rated ingredient, it is also present in some of the original High Rated recipes, such as Weapon Tree Ore and Bone for some weapons.

It is also worth noting that Monster Broth can be used in recipes that call for any “Monster + ingredients”, such as Heaven’s Glaze bow.

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